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Spark brake

Shoot sparks!
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Bikes have two brakes, but you really only need the back ones. Here at BUNGCO we have devised a better use for the front brake - to shoot sparks! On deploying the front brake, instead of pads, two wheels push up against the front bike wheel. These wheels turn paired spark wheels which send jets of sparks shooting in front of the bike! The faster you go, the farther the sparks shoot. Buy our color modifications and shoot red, green, or yellow sparks!
bungston, Dec 31 2006

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       //but you really only need the back ones// I think you had better double check on that.
Ling, Dec 31 2006

       much more braking force is generated by the front brakes than the rears when used properly. A bike with only rear brakes requires significantly longer stopping distances.
jhomrighaus, Dec 31 2006

       If the bike had a hub motor on the front, you could use that as a regenerative brake and the resulting electricity could be used to shoot as many sparks as you want. Then you would also still be able to use it as a brake.
acurafan07, Dec 31 2006

       I work for a bike company. Neato.
flynn, Jan 03 2007

       Surely this leaves potential for fire-hazards? I mean, if i'm cycling into the wind and decide to amuse myself with some spark-action, what would i do if my trousers caught alight? Good idea, but it maybe needs to incorperate some kind of sprinkler system? Perhaps a third, smaller brake handle could be situated on the handle bars, connected to a small water duct, so if a fire was to occur, one could simply and safely put it out by giving it a squirt with the third handle..? Water could be collected when it rains so one doesn't need to worry about adding to the drought situation over here in jolly ol' England.   

       so when looking at it from this angle, we have actually added to the problem, not deducted..
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 03 2007

       No need for water [dn](curiously missing the 'a'), just jump off and roll around in those dry leaves on the ground over there.
craigts, Jan 03 2007

       Is there any reason the weels couldn't shoot sparks and brake at the same time? Seems there would be enough power in the cable to do that.
nomocrow, Jan 04 2007

       Why is it that on every bike I've ever ridden, the front brake always seems stronger than the back one? I've checked and the mechanism for front and rear brakes is often the same. Is it some kind of perceptual thing? Or is it just me?
zen_tom, Jan 04 2007

       //Why is it that on every bike I've ever ridden, the front brake always seems stronger than the back one?//   

       When you brake, your weight is transferred onto the front wheel, this increases front wheel traction and means that you can brake harder with the front wheel than with the back. Hence stronger brakes.
wagster, Jan 04 2007

       I had to look that up. Seems obvious now.
nomocrow, Jan 04 2007

       [deoxyribonucleic] don't your trousers already contain a panic-activated sprinkler system?
hippo, Jan 04 2007

       Once could definitiely make a combo brake spark shooter. As re fire, they would contain a disclaimer advising bikers to shoot spark responsibly.
bungston, Jan 04 2007

       [hippo]- this is true, but that then means you'd have to go home and change your trousers, therefore interrupting the whole cycling/spark brake experience.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 05 2007

       You could simply continue on your way, wet and smelly.
wagster, Jan 05 2007

       But would you REALLY want to do that? Plus, when you get to your desired destination, there'd be a lot of unwanted questions... unless of course everyone did it; then it'd be perfectly normal.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 05 2007

       good one bugston - I like sparks +
xenzag, Jan 06 2007


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