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Spec Search Expansion Bot

Input search term, out pops associated usages of term and synonyms in paper
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Presently, document search features can only look for identical terms or wildcard expansions thereon. I frequently have to look through pdf's of various white papers of specs and standards using terms like 'heat' or 'ORFS fitting' or 'size c risque brasserie.' Sometimes I'm not bright enough to extend my search to include the words 'hot' or 'o-ring' or 'bra.'

This AI extension would take my search words, look up words that score highly as synonymous, and also plunk those into the search results for the whitepaper I'm digging through to show instances where the phrase in question would be used.

Now when I search a MIL spec for hot surface touch safety limits and labels, it'll throw in results for 'heat' and 'tags' and whatnot.

RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2023

Googlre Pinpoint, advanced search https://support.goo...1116?hl=en#advanced
Match words and concepts: Pinpoint understands concepts and grammar, and it will automatically search for synonyms, plurals, different forms of the verb, and even the same word in other languages. For example: If you search for "car," Pinpoint will find documents with the words "cars" (plural) or "vehicle" or "automobile" (synonyms) or "voiture" (translation). Note that cross language matching is less exact. [a1, Jul 21 2023]


       You're wearing them
pocmloc, Jul 21 2023

       Nope I haven't given in to glasses yet. Maybe when I'm 50...
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2023

       Google Pinpoint can do the kind of search you're talking about (link).
a1, Jul 21 2023

Voice, Jul 22 2023


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