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Speech to text to image/sound/video/tactile sensation/odor converter

Assistance in learning a foreign (or improve native language) by converting speech or text to images/video/sound/tactile sensations/odors on the fly
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A person viewing a foreign language web page will see images rather than text, if they wish. Words that have associated images (not conjunctions, prepositions, etc. unless images were or have been developed for them) will be replaced with images. The words could automatically be replaced with images, or a mouse hovering over the word will present an image. If a person were listening to a Podcast file of a speech, the audio would be converted to text and the text then converted to an image. The words or speech could also be converted to video, sound, odors, tastes [1] or tactile sensations. After reading about teens using emoticons/emojis to talk these days [2] and coming across Lingua.ly [3], I recalled how some language training software uses a picture, sound, or video of each word in the foreign language [4]. You can associate the picture with the word to recall the word, in the same way memory experts recall memorized items by associating them with pictures and scenes [5] . Why not use a text to image, or text to speech to image, sound, smell, video, tactile sensation [6] and video converter to auto hotlink words to images, sounds, video, smell or tactile sensations found on the web or in an on;ine database. I'm sure a tactile, smell and odor search engine will be developed soon. Humm, I wonder what the Windows file extension names will be for these files? It would be fun to speed read [7] using this text to image system.

2013-10-24 Edit: Boy that was a fast bake -- Bond wearables let two geographically separated people 'touch' each other [8]

Sunstone, Oct 10 2013

[1] Trisenx smells and tastes http://www.sean.co....cience/trisenx.shtm
UUUmmm smells like donuts. [Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[2] Teens talk with pictures http://www.business...jis-to-talk-2013-10
Flash me a text baby. [Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[3] Learn new words while you browse the web and boost your vocabulary http://lingua.ly/
como se' yama? [Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[4] Teaching language by associating words with images http://www.youtube....watch?v=HqcZoNHB-u4
There is freeware that does this too; can't recall the name [Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[5] Using images to remember things http://www.dogpile....mbers+with+pictures
[Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[6] Touch and feel touchscreens http://www.computer...round_touchscreens_
Feel what you see on yourscreen, Use your imagination. [Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[7] Speed reader used for reading images http://www.spreeder.com/
I wonder if the some brains process images faster and other brains process text faster. This would be an interesting study if not already done. [Sunstone, Oct 10 2013]

[8] Bond wearables let two geographically separated people 'touch' each other http://www.wired.co...0/24/bond-wearables
Quickly baked tactile sensation transceiver [Sunstone, Oct 24 2013]

Lollipop that can transmit taste to a digital device http://bits.blogs.n...mid=tw-nytimes&_r=0
[Sunstone, Nov 22 2013]

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