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Voice Translator

Realtime spoken language translator in your pocket
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The problem of providing a realtime voice translator is packing enough power into a portable device to do the job. Why not use the a cellphone to communicate directly to a mainframe which does the actual translation. What I would like to see someone make is a cellphone with 2 blue tooth headsets which links via VoIP to a mainframe that does the actual translation service. Alternatively why not just make use of the low cost of labour in 3rd world countries. Teach people the languages you need to translate (yes it would take a while) call them on your cellphone and get them to translate.
DV8inPP, Dec 10 2006


       [21 Quest], that device is amazing. I wonder if they're any good. The first link you found may not be realtime / simultaneous, though - it may require someone to carefully speak into the gizmoid. The second uses a human translator.
jmvw, Dec 11 2006

       "Realtime" translation is called interpreting.
squeak, Dec 11 2006

       //have an all 3G network, which most phones (in the U.S. at least) don't support.//   

       However, all phones sold in Europe are now 3G. Then again, doesen't the US still have analogue phones, which were phased out in the rest of the world long ago.
webfishrune, Dec 11 2006


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