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Speed Camera Photos Can Be Purchased

Speed camera photos should be available to buy when you reach your destination.
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Speed cameras are unpopular with many drivers on the basis of perceived cost, with taxpayers' money invested in their running and maintenance, despite the welcome effect they have policing the speed limits. Meanwhile, thousands of us happily pay as much as £5 for a memento of a theme park ride.

If the speed cameras took photos of everyone, long journeys could be livened up as families enjoyed posing for the camera at the speed traps. Further on, we could see our photos displayed on large screens, with the option of buying copies in shops, booths, or online, the profits going toward the cost of operating the cameras. Speed cameras would also gradually be seen as a welcome distraction from the drudgery of driving, effectively offering a ‘carrot’ to counterbalance the ‘stick’. Even without purchasing the photos, who wouldn't want to slow down to enjoy a free ‘selfie’? Needless to say, those speeding would be fined and not be offered their souvenir photo.
TheBamforth, Jun 06 2016

tales of radar pictures and adultery http://www.westword...april-fools-5070224
Fodder for possible "hearsay cautionary advisory" background. [jutta, Jun 08 2016]

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       Driving through Austria from Graz to Vienna one time, the local cars were all happily travelling along at 80+ mph-ish until at one point they all quickly jabbed the brakes to about 68 and then jammed on gas again. Speed sensor zone. Damn things nearly caused an accident.
RayfordSteele, Jun 06 2016

       Our local red light cameras make picture and video available.   

       But welcome to the Halfbakery. The help file is over there on the left under meta.
normzone, Jun 06 2016

       Welcome to the world of half made bread - have a crumb to help build your first croissant :-) [+]
xenzag, Jun 06 2016

       Yes, welcome. You may already have seen those big roadside signs which display your speed and, if it's under the limit, thank you for driving safely. Anyway, we like. [+]
pertinax, Jun 07 2016

       "Oh, and this is one of our Martha smiling at the speed camera, just before she hit the bus."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2016

       {Caution! the following statement is strictly hearsay. It has not, I repeat, not been researched}   

       Some court ruling here made sending of street camera photos illegal after some guy sued when a speed-trap photo ticket was opened by his wife, and showed his mistress in the passenger seat, causing their divorce.   

       {end of hearsay cautionary advisory}   


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