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Swarming Speed Cameras

Traffic enforcement cameras mounted on public buses
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Buses are on the roads all day, most days of the year and cover many miles of road.

Speed camera's mounted on these vehicles will capture speeding motorists and wirelessly transmit images and details of the offence to the relevant authority.

sprogga, Sep 19 2007


       Would a moving bus 'see' more motorists in an average day than say a stationary pole in a busy location?
Texticle, Sep 19 2007

       //how's it going to know if someone's speeding if it's moving too   

       Radar devices are mounted on police patrol cars in active use today (yes, they work while the patrol is driving).   

       The speed of a nearby car is determined by the relative movement between the bus and that car, simply by calculating the net speed after deducting the bus speed. The speed of the bus can be determined by the doppler shift from other stationary objects, or even as simple as a comparison to the speedometer of the bus.
sprogga, Sep 19 2007


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