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Speed sync-cruise

Cruise button for speed sync with your neighboring cars
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As all the experts agree speed synchronization eliminates traffic jam to the maximum extent, why not have a simple device that will send signals to similar device installed in the cars around you and either adjust your car speed or your neighbors speed (or both). As soon as you hit the high-way, all you have to do is press a "Cruise" like button and there you go... You will be sucked in. The high way will look cool with all the cars moving in same speed and enough cushion around each car and if you want to change lane, just turn the indicator on and device will send a signal. The cars in the next lane opens up giving enough space for you to get in. Just hand on the wheels and every thing else is taken care. of course, Everyone has to buy this device. If you make it a law everyone will. :-) Those who are studying traffic will love this idea because now they can create a computer simulation closer to the reality.
my2cents, Dec 28 2001


       Two modes for cruise control: 1) set speed absolutely, and 2) set speed relatively. In absolute mode, you set the speed in mph/kph just as most cruise controls work today. Relative mode allows you to set a delta against the speed of the surrounding traffic. A setting of "0" means you go at the same exact speed. "-10" slower, "+10" faster, and so on.
bristolz, Dec 28 2001

       I like it. Civil libertarians may bristle at the legal implications, though.
snarfyguy, Dec 29 2001

       <bristle!> Oops, sorry about that...   

       Forcing everyone to buy something that they may or may not want, and that doesn't necessarily give any real utility to begin with, is a bad idea. I know I wouldn't want one.
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       <bristling> Oh quit being such a non-conformist, SC. It's for the good of the people.
bristolz, Dec 29 2001

       You're still cute when you do that...<grin>   

       'For the good of the people' makes my skin crawl. Anything being done 'for your own good' tends to be a -really- bad idea...
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       [this was to bristolz - she has disappeared] actually I like him better when he's bad
po, Dec 29 2001

       Mr Contrary, bris, tut tut
po, Dec 29 2001

       I, Robot am dumbing down.
I would much prefer if Flocking Road Cones would be stationed evenly along dividers - ready to swarm rubberneckers or trap slowpokes and deal with any offending party as well as a road cone can - Think: Attack of The Killer Roadcones - keep moving.
thumbwax, Dec 29 2001

       I am too!
StarChaser, Dec 29 2001

       (semi)baked by Jaguar. They have a cruise control mode that lets you set a top speed and a trailing factor (either distance or time) for separation from the car in front of you. If the car in front speeds up, you speed up, maxing out at your preset limit. If the car in front slams on its brakes, your car does the same. I believe several other luxury car manufacturers are planning to introduce a similar cruise control.   

       No signals are sent out from your car, so this is a passive system. If you want a fully active system, CalTech is working on such a device. The plan is to have a designated lane in which cars with this system "train" together at high speed and very low (read < 2 feet) separation to cut drag and increase efficiency. The system controls not just speed and braking, but steering as well. Each car communicates via short-range radio with the other cars in the train about road conditions, car health, etc... To join the train, you simply pull up in the lane next to an approaching train and engage the system, and the car does the rest. You can simply sit back and relax until you get near your programmed destination, where the car will alert you that it is time to wake up and take over control again.
Freefall, Jun 20 2002

       The system would need to recognize and avoid cars not equipped with the system. Maybe even act rudely toward such vehicles to encourage their assimilation into the Borg.
gardnertoo, Aug 20 2003

       Aw man. I wanted to submit this as my first idea - I would call it "Cop Control" however.   

       Whenever driving on long, open highways in the southwest, it's nice to be able to get the car up around 100 or so. Unfortunately, law enforcement tends to frown upon this. But if a car passes you going very fast, it would be nice (even nicer if it's the one lone cop out there) to be able to synch your speed to this maniac, yet remain far enough behind so that if he trips a cop's radar, you won't end up with the ticket and if/when he slows down, you will automatically slow with him.   

       Oh well.
mmrtnt, Oct 18 2006

       Was planning to post a similar idea, but thought I should check just in case it's been half baked. [+]   

       Why isn't this in cars already? Especially bristolz's version - 2 mode cruise.
energy guy, Jul 20 2009


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