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Speeding: catch up

Go as fast as you can until you catch up to the next car
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An idea I have for dealing with speed limits is:

- Go as fast as you can until you catch up with the person in front of you
- If there is nobody in front of you, simply go as fast as you can
- Trucks, trailers, old people, etc. must stay in the right lane

What problems does this solve?

- Needless merging among the different lanes to get around slow drivers in the left lanes
- The need for radar guns and many traffic cops

What needs to be done to accomodate it?

- Restrict driver's licenses to those who really, really know how to drive. Merely turning the key in the ignition, pressing the gas pedal, and occasionally turning the steering wheel shouldn't impress anyone
- As suggested in other half baked ideas, road signs, lane markings, and other factors would need to be redesigned to accomodate this new system
- When night driving, I rely heavily on the lane lines for navigation. In many places, they need to be repainted and better maintained. Reflective dots should be installed whenever possible (i.e., not on roads that need to be snowplowed)

gd, Apr 09 2001


       PeterSealy: It doesn't really differ at all from how I drive now, except that this practice could become legal and expected. It would eliminate the risks of speeding tickets, slow left-hand-lane drivers, and letting inferior drivers on the road.   

       jutta: thanks, i added br tags so this displays as intended.
gd, Apr 09 2001

       Everyone thinks they drive so much better than everyone else. Baloney. Being able to drive fast doesn't make you a good driver, either, in many cases it means you are a bad driver. I would love to see this implemented just so I could laugh at you when you fail the driver's test and are no longer allowed behind the wheel.
PotatoStew, Apr 09 2001

       The point of driving is not to do it perfectly, but to do it well enough to get where you are going without endangering yourself or others.
centauri, Apr 09 2001

       As the reigning 'King Of The Sunset Strip' for the 4th consecutive year, I understand completely the point of the idea, however- Wishful Thinking is all it ever will be. So buckle up and look out for yourself as well as the other guy.
thumbwax, Apr 10 2001

       thumb: take Franklin.
iuvare, Apr 10 2001

       Hi neighbor, I live just off Franklin @ Beachwood. Gotta do the Strip beyond point where Franklin ends.
thumbwax, Apr 10 2001

       And I'm probably even closer than that to you, waug. We should carpool up and surprise MrSealy...
PotatoStew, Apr 11 2001

       Don't worry... I'm pretty sure I don't want to actually meet any of you. It'd be a shame to find out that you all really are just dogs.
PotatoStew, Apr 11 2001

       huh. Personally, I'd very much be interested in what you all look like, as long as I may reserve the advantage of not revealing how *i* look. (rather normal, I'm afraid. :( )
absterge, Apr 11 2001

       PotatoStew: Some of us aren't dogs, we're tigers.   

       StarChaser Tyger.
StarChaser, Apr 11 2001

       I've been immortalized in the House Of Wax
thumbwax, Apr 11 2001


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