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Spherical Condiment Container

For mayo, ketchup, catsup, jam, jelly, preserves, mustard, salad dressing...
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Pretty self-explanatory; a flexible spherical container with the same volume as any bottle. It would have a sealed, resealable spiget (of any shape or size) that would be well sealed and protrude slightly from the rest of the surface. For most of the duration in which the condiment would be used, the user would squeeze the thick liquid throught the hole and onto the main course. When the contents of the container become scarce, the sphere could be twisted at the equator (given that the hole might be a pole) and two demispheres lined with sauce would pop off. The remainder could then be easily reaped with a curved butter knife or spoon. These two halves could be resealed in the same way the entrance to a gerbil ball could be. Because all the foodstuff is more accesible, there will be less waste caught on the side and in the ridges on the bottom.
jellydoughnut, May 24 2006


       Efficient use of packaging; harder to transport due to less dense stacking than rectanges; harder to balance since it rolls. sp: spigot, scarce, probably others. spell-check makes you look smart. I'd think the inside of a sphere is still hard to scrape. Now if the sphere were more of a bag, it would flatten out and not roll around, would pack easily and would splatter better when thrown.
sninctown, May 24 2006

       For the packaging problem; I was going to suggest smaller containers in the shape that is formed when four spheres meet to be placed between the spheres.
jellydoughnut, May 24 2006

       "Sphericon-diments" <ducks and runs>
Shz, May 24 2006

       Is that a reference to a result of a form of bird flu?
Dood, May 25 2006


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