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The Fish Dish

To-Go Sushi Sauce
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There is a great sushi place near my work that I love to get take-out lunch from. However, the sushi-to-go experience is always a little lacking, usually due to the sloppy soy sauce packets and lack of a sauce dish to mix up the sauce and wasabi.

What I want is a little Handi-Snack like container but with three compartments. The main compartment would be similar in size to the dishes at the restaurant and shallow enough not to soak your sushi when you dip. The other two compartments would be used for wasabi and ginger and the whole thing, vacuum sealed.

In originally thinking about this, I pictured it in the shape of a fish with the body of the fish being the soy sauce area and the tail split into two portions for the other stuff. It would be a saucy fish dish for fish!

chalk0, May 09 2007

Wikipedia: Bento http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento
Generic Japanese compartmentalized box. What you want is a sushizume (but it's not shaped like a fish.) [jutta, May 09 2007]

Fish shaped sachet https://ssl1.lon.gb...d49130f79a72c2d15')
Soy sauce squeeze packet shaped like a fish [chalk0, May 09 2007]

Sashimi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sashimi
This is what the fishy morsels you are referring to are really called. Sushi refers to the rice. [DrBob, May 10 2007]

Sushi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sushi
A brief guide to the terminology! [DrBob, May 10 2007]

more guitar than fish http://pics.livejou...atgirl/pic/0004csdb
[nuclear hobo, May 10 2007]

Bento girl http://www.ingredie...6/07/girl_bento.jpg
[nuclear hobo, May 10 2007]


       (+) Yay, things shaped like other things!
The first sushi place I ever ate at had soy sauce that came in little plastic fishes. I'm still disappointed that that's not more widespread.
jutta, May 09 2007

       I have not yet attained true sushitude. However, all the prefab supermarket sushi here comes with little plastic fishes full of soy sauce. I am not sure how much it adds to the experience.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 09 2007

       Baked, in Japan.
Voice, May 09 2007

       @Max- like the link posted for the squeeze packet? I was thinking of something that could actually double as the sauce dish too.   

       @Voice- Shoot, wouldn't you know it. Are they pretty common and do you know what they are called?
chalk0, May 09 2007

       [chalk] yes, like that. Not what you were after, but similar (I think) to what [jutta] was referring to.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2007

       It's funny - I remember my first shushi experience - it was at the Floating Sushi Boat, Grant St, San Francisco - we had no idea what we were doing - but it was quite marvellous. Finished off with some green-tea ice cream, the likes of which, I've never seen since.   

       They have those fishy soy sachets at Yo! sushi, and I think Itsu as well.
zen_tom, May 10 2007

       The whole Bento box thing is one of the cultural wonders of the world. You can pick them up almost anywhere in Japan and you've got a tasty and healthy meal to go. I can't speak for the USA but the packaged sushi that we get in the UK are but a pale shadow of the genuine thing.
DrBob, May 10 2007

       <boast> Eat your heart out, [DrBob]: I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of one of the *best* Japanese restaurants in the western hemisphere. </boast>
nuclear hobo, May 10 2007


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