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Spin based binary

TRITs: a new spin on binary
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I just read about new applications of graphene, which has some unusual properties.
One recent device, that has used the properties of graphene, is a type of switch that only lets electrons with a particular spin through it.
I think that binary logic could be changed so that either there is ON and ON (spin up or down), or so that there are three states:

In true halfbakery style, I propose that

Ling, Aug 11 2006

About graphene http://newton.ex.ac...physnews.769.html#2
[Ling, Aug 11 2006]

graphene devices http://www.physorg.com/news64239590.html
[Ling, Aug 11 2006]


       What does this actually help us with? Can we incorporate it into a custard-based Schroedinger-style punishment system for those who abuse apostrophes?
dbmag9, Aug 11 2006

       Valley-logic: No way / Well, duh! / Whatever!
angel, Aug 11 2006

       More like True, False, and "We're sorry, Microsoft ______ has encountered a problem and needs to close. We apologize for the inconvenience"
phundug, Aug 11 2006

       This is a very well known idea in the right circles. It has some association with Quantum Computing research, which has several thoeries exploiting the spin of electrons.
ironfroggy, Aug 12 2006


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