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Spiritually advised shopping

The monk is in
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I live near a small town with dismal business prospects. Most shops are closed or have moved to the outskirts. The main street is a dire view with a huge dilapidating social housing complex, lots of traffic and lots of boarded-up storefronts.

Also, there is a buddhist monastery near by. They moved here a few years ago because housing was cheap.

The city council is banging their heads how to make the town centre attractive again.

My advice: Place a monk, a priest or any self-promoting spiritual adviser in each of those empty stores. Let them radiate joy and eternal bliss, and let them provide philosophical counseling to the general public.

Then you could go shopping in the few remaining stores and interrupt your excursion with brief and intense discussions about life, death and all the rest, sitting in the storefront window and enjoying a radically different view on the life outside. This might even become a tourist attraction for the more gullible minded.

Psychiatrist's applications welcome. One site will be reserved for Lucy van Pelt.

Toto Anders, Jan 22 2016

Wonko the Sane would be among them http://hitchhikers....wiki/Wonko_the_Sane
[Toto Anders, Jan 23 2016]


       // there is a buddhist monastery near by //   

       There's a Buddhist monastery near Swindon ? Well well, who knew, eh ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2016

       A few bearded, crazy prophets in sandwich board signs, some of those orange robe guys with the flowers, and something completely anachronistic, like a huge, talking Sarah Palin robot would add to the confused charm.
RayfordSteele, Jan 23 2016

       Enlighten your wallet.   


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