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The Empress' Tired Attire

Same Dress To The Party Backoff Algorithm
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With the advent of RFID technology, this problem can finally be solved. A straightforward party website registry would prevent any clashes, while a realtime RFID scanner at the gates of the hall can avert last minute disasters.
theircompetitor, Jun 09 2005

(?) The Dress Registry http://www.dressregistry.com/
A bit more manual than proposed in my idea, but related [theircompetitor, Jan 04 2009]

Finally, it can be done, with a bit of geo http://www.techcrun...recommendation-app/
[theircompetitor, Oct 06 2009]

Send them pictures of your clothes, they'll tell you what to wear http://demere.co/
[theircompetitor, Aug 14 2015]


       What's with the category?
Acme, Jun 09 2005

       What address, I mean what's a dress, I mean, what jutta said.
blissmiss, Jun 09 2005

       ""The only accessory that sets apart is our tie, and our underwear, which no one sees.""   

       I've seen some ties that are a lot worse than some of the underwear that I've had occasional glimpses of. In my area the guys sometimes drop that eastern tie & coat look and wear what I think of as the Hawaian punch outfit loaded down with gold chains, watches etc. Some of those shirts! Eeek!
Isayhello2u, Jun 09 2005

       What if I, or any other lady, want to wear a thrifty frock from a charity shop? I may be misinterpreting but this system seems only to work when each guest buys something new from an RFID-using store.   

       Perhaps we should just all revert to the Walter Scott-created shortbread-tin stereotype of kilts and tartans, each couple wearing their own as appropriate. Thus matching fabrics lead to celebratory reuinions, not blackened faces and recriminations.
calum, Jun 09 2005

       But as far as I can tell, wouldn't this only work if you were checking the website while all the other guests were arriving to the party? There's fashionably late, and there's waiting until everyone else has arrived to go there.
hidden truths, Jun 09 2005

       Or take a nice shawl with you (no, not you calum). The chances of another woman turning up with the same dress *and* shawl are astronomically small.
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       Or tie-dye that nice cocktail dress/ballgown. Even if someone else has the same idea, it's not going to look the same.
Detly, Jun 09 2005

       <timid question>Why is it that turning up somewhere in the same outfit isn't a cause of amusement for girls like it is for chaps? Is it because your style is then no longer your own? Or is it because identical outfits facilitates easy visual comparison so the other girls all mutter about who wears it better?</timid question>

I've always wondered, but never found a definitive answer.
DocBrown, Jun 09 2005

       The answer I have always been given is a silent look that says "if you don't understand there's no point in explaining". You might be getting several of these right now, but you won't know.
wagster, Jun 09 2005

       //If you don't understand there's no point in explaining//Exasperating! This would seem to me to be the very best reason to explain something. Oh well, the quest continues...
DocBrown, Jun 09 2005

       Psst, [DocBrown]; it's about attention-seeking. For cross-gender comparison, consider the proverb "two of a trade never agree".   

       NB: I intend no offense to any stereotype-busting non-attention-seeking woman who may be reading this, especially our gracious hostess.
I would also apologise to any stereotype-busting males who do *not* compete obsessively in their areas of technical expertise, if I thought there were any here... but there aren't, are there?
pertinax, Jan 04 2009

       The same app might be used by the military ( and embedded news reporters ) to find friends, foes and civilians.   

       Before or after battles.
popbottle, Aug 15 2015

       //The chances of another woman turning up with the same dress *and* shawl are astronomically small.//   

       Given that the subjects of astronomy are usually very big, why is "astronomically small" a thing?   

       Equally, why are we always being told about "quantum leaps" in technology, when presumably they don't mean "extremely tiny leaps"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 15 2015


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