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Spit back at you (without LED)

Does the person talking to you spit? Spit back!
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For sure you already been with one of those people that spit a lot while talking. This device can be worn on the lapel, detects spit droplets and spits back. This should make the other person refrain from spitting or step back a little.

The synthetic spit does not stain as to avoid any possible law suit. But it does smell a bit as an extra incentive. This smell will come off after washing, though.

It comes in diferente shapes like differente flowers or pins with different images.

PauloSargaco, Sep 16 2003

You're talking too close LEDs http://www.halfbake...0too_20close_20LEDs
Based on blissmiss' suggestion [PauloSargaco, Oct 04 2004]


       You could always keep a pet Llama.   

       Or a camel
PauloSargaco, Sep 16 2003


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