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Spitball Billboard

Computer controlled spitball cannon "paints" picture on wall.
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This display uses a computer aimed pneumatic spitball cannon which "paints" a picture out of colored spitballs. The "spitballs" are actually reusable clumps of fabric which are soaked and compressed by a muzzle-loading piston ram.

The display can be wiped clear with a water hose, so the next image can be painted.

IJK, Mar 27 2007


       If it wipes off with water, then wouldn't they dissolve in the rain? I suggest some adhesive that breaks down when subjected to catalitic levels of alcohol or bleach or something. And I dont think the spitballs need to be reusable...   

       Could make some really cool murals too.
Smurfsahoy, Mar 27 2007

       The only really practical way to make this display work in the rain would be to use an entirely different mechanism for the "sticking"--like magnets or lots of spikes or velcro. That would be a different concept, of course, and would perhaps be less amusing for the market audience to watch.
IJK, Mar 27 2007

       This is a great idea. As described, it seems mostly about displaying 2D images, but I think it also presents an interesting opportunity for displaying in 3D. You could build up bas-relief sculptures with considerable depth if you waited for each layer to solidify before building up another layer. (The "spit" would probably need to contain plaster or a glue if you really wanted to build up sculpture this way.)
lankybits, Mar 27 2007


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