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The Billboard Channel

Radio channel for listening to billboard ads
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We just about have the technology for animated billboards. However, the problem remains that we are whizzing past the billboards at 50+ mph, we will not have time to see the complete action on any one single billboard. Moreover, we will only be getting the visual half of the ad and, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, that means we will be missing out on the all-important jingle. (I have a friend who writes jingles for a living, and we wouldn't want to put him out of work, now, would we?)

So, I propose we overcome this by arranging the billboards in batteries, all showing the same ad at the same time. As you drive along the road, should you be so inclined, you will be able to see the action unwind on each billboard in turn. In the corner of each, a box will indicate the local radio channel carrying the jingles for the billboards, along you listen to the audio tracks.

[Note that this is strictly an opt-in service - you do not have to listen to the ads if you do not want to, and the billboards without sound will be no more intrusive than bilboards already are. Any and all rants disparaging the invasion of our lives by advertising will be summarily zpped.]

DrCurry, Sep 26 2003


       //a slave to corporate mar-ket-ing//   

       Um, [C_Trebor] it sucks that I got to give you the bad news but... we're already slaves to corporate marketing. And all kinds of marketing, to be completely honest here. Not that I like it or think it's the best way for this planet to work, but that's how it is and, oh well... nothing to do about it.   

       I think this is an excellent idea. ¡ Buenísima, Curry !
Pericles, Sep 27 2003

       I think this would be more distracting than a series of regular billboards, which is either good (if you’re the advertiser), or bad (if you want people to drive safely).
AO, Sep 29 2003

       //Wow, halfbakery attracts a lot of apathetics//   

       I assume you talk about yourself, because I'm just being realistic here.
Pericles, Sep 29 2003


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