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Sponge Pump II

walls of sponge wave tiny turbines embedded in them.
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Polymeric liquid with nanotubes and tiny turbines (dimensions ~ 500x500x1000 um) dispersed throughout is cured and inert gas is pumped through to induce spongy morphology upon curing. Now we have a sponge with turbines in the walls that connect to nanotubes in the bulk material.

The resulting sponge should be able to connect to leads and generate current every time the sponge is contracted or expanded in an appropriately viscous liquid (probably water).

The tiny turbines need all the machinery to convert mech. to elec. energy. each turbine has electrodes that randomly connect to nanotubes; these tubes in turn send current throughout the spongy material to the external electrodes.

daseva, Apr 12 2010




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