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Underwater Electro-Mills

The windmill principle underwater
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Hi all We need A used car alternator. A plastic housing with watertight bearings. A ship propeller 20 -30 cm. A second watertight ball bearing. 300 m of heavy duty cable. A new car battery.

Take the car generator and add a water-resistant body (2 component resin will work), attach the ship propeller on its axis, mount it with a rotating base on a steel tube in a 20 pound concrete block. Add a 30 cm vane on the opposing end to do the steering, wire the cables and place the whole thing on any beach just outside the breaking waves. Now, any coming wave will spin the propeller, the vaning water will turn the assembly and spin the propeller again...

There is a little extra effort to be put in the rotating base. We need 2 isolated copper rings and two carbon contacts to get the 360 degree rotating alternator currents into the base which does not rotate. You can find the carbon contacts in any discarded electro motor.

Attach the other end of the cables to the battery. Careful with the polarity. (in case you wired it wrong, plus is minus and red is negative!)

Free energy for each beach camper! Saludos

The Wizard, Jan 02 2009

Tidal power using horizontal axis turbines at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia...ontal_axis_turbines
[phoenix, Jan 02 2009]


       You have no idea what a single rock in the water or on the beach can do to the coastline.   

       I cannot find it anymore, but a few years ago there was a presentation about what a single rock can do to the (now nonexistent Herzlia - Appolonia) beach. The energy of the incoming water is powerfully sent back taking with it much of the sand, instead of sandy beaches which lower the energy and cause more sand to continuously build up.
pashute, Nov 23 2012

       There's a name for that effect, can't remember what it is, and it's often found at the core of bullshit NIMBY arguments against tidal/riverine submerged-turbine generators. There is a project currently underway in the Bay of Fundy to install anchored barges with wind turbine towers on the decks and tidal turbines below. There has been some narrow but highly vocal opposition to this project, claiming that the installations will have negative effects on fisheries and shorelines, to which the US/Canadian joint comittee in charge of the project has repeatedly replied: "Bullshit!"
Alterother, Nov 23 2012

       Soon we'll need this kind of devices to extract energy everywhere. I like the idea, in fact; doesn't need the rotating base; the propeller (turbine in this case) can rotate e.g clockwise for incoming waves and counterclockwise for outgoing waves. The car alternator have an internal diode bridge so the DC polarity is always the same.
piluso, Nov 23 2012

       sealed bearings? in sea water? under significant physical stress? with temperature variations? Good luck. Of course the bearings will not be a major concern... marine life will have it resembling a rock in a month... You'd need maintenance on a weekly basis, and you'd lose it in the first big storm.
bs0u0155, Nov 23 2012


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