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Sponsor a Lampost

Runs on the same lines as ‘Sponsor a Whale’ and animals of that ilk, with the exception that you are sponsoring a lamppost or some other silly item eg a house brick or a piece of cow dung.
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The idea is to raise money primarily for charity as well as yourself by producing a humorous quarterly newsletter of articles centred around the chosen item eg ‘diary of a lamppost’, ‘famous dogs that have peed against me’ etc. The idea is aimed at the novelty/alternative gift market and the newsletter should not take itself too seriously.
NumboJumbo, Sep 18 2007

They sponsor highways around here http://lamar.colost...lger/signs/es-m.jpg
[DrCurry, Sep 18 2007]


       I like this idea!! Keep it up.
cblunds, Sep 18 2007

       "The Old Bucket and the Sea"!   

       The previous annotation is a lie.
daseva, Sep 18 2007

       The previous annotation is a lie - the previous annotation is funny.
normzone, Sep 18 2007

       i'd like to sponsor that fish you have growing in the corner. : ) jk
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       This is not an annotation.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 21 2007

       Annoto ergo sum.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2007


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