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public sex tents

in the middle of our parks in our cities, they would be pitched....
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Proudly thumping out sexy tunes from the speakers above the main entrance... sex tents! you and your partner have just been shopping in this strange town, its not your hometown, you mightnt do this in your home town...ahem, anyhow, you and partner walk into the main reception area, where a delightfull receptionist offers you a choise of tents. there themed, there fun... some voyuer tents. you can rent toys(proffesionally sterylised by a gang of trainee hair dressers) you have a choice of pornography to be showed on the television in your tent should you require it. you get your tokens for the condom vending machine and in you go....in the middle of a wet thursday afternoon..to releive a bit of stress. nice.

Beats the hell outta going to a new city and visiting all the churches..(unless they have confesionalls...i like them, very catholic..notice the lack of vending machines though). Yes, i think they should exist. A. theyd be fun. B. better than churches. C. have you Never been stuck in a strange city, unexplicably horny with you Girl... trying to find feckin bathrooms.. no no no. there is a better way. d. help society to stop making such a taboo outta sex. all this repression leads to alot of nasty shit like rape, paedophilia. they could play that tune outside the tent, you know how it goes............. (sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody does it, but everybody should) wise, wise pop tune... and quite funky i seem to recall.

Mikeynyuk, Mar 28 2005

Concrete tent. http://www.wired.co...,1282,66872,00.html
I gotta try one of these camping-- Now try to get in you stupid bear!!!!! [brodie, Mar 28 2005]

Love Hotel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_hotel
[calum, Mar 29 2005]

Stating the (not so) obvious test http://bigthink.com...e-you-try-this-quiz
How rational are you? [django, Jul 01 2012]


       How can anybody vote against this idea? Seems to me some people aren't getting any.
zeno, Mar 28 2005

       Isn't there a festival in some part of Europe where people go to booths, and, well... get it on? (I really wish my elder brother hadn't told me that...)
froglet, Mar 28 2005

       "I'm sorry, miss, we have a maximum of 6 to a tent. Next please. Yes, sir, you can get a room for one but the rate doesn't change."
Worldgineer, Mar 28 2005

       So hard to bone
theircompetitor, Mar 28 2005

       I thought this would be a shock title that led to a rather different idea. But no. Public tents where you can have sex.   

       Could we have some drugs tents next door? And a rock and roll stage overlooking all of it?
wagster, Mar 28 2005

       What exactly is the difference between this idea and hotels, or better yet no-tell motels if you want to add in the sleaziness factor?
brodie, Mar 28 2005

       The difference obviously is canvas vs. dry wall.
Machiavelli, Mar 28 2005

       Not nowadays. (see link)
brodie, Mar 28 2005

       Hey, that's pretty cool, [brodie]. I want one!
Machiavelli, Mar 28 2005

       [El] - I think you'll find the difference between "Bring Your Own" and "Sold Here" is fairly significant in the context of this idea.
wagster, Mar 28 2005

       [tc], are you having a Freudian moment?
RayfordSteele, Mar 29 2005

       //you can rent toys(proffesionally sterylised by a gang of trainee hair dressers//
I'm trying to make out if this is 'Sterilised" or "Stylised".
Some toys could have hair.
Ling, Mar 29 2005

       Woudn't the canvas, er . . . vibrate in sympathy with the activities inside?
neelandan, Mar 29 2005

       If we are all for making sex a non-taboo thing, forget the tents and just get it on in the open.
5th Earth, Mar 29 2005

       You'd get bombed by catholics within a week of opening. And whilst this seems pretty redundant as there are always hotels in a city, I cannot fishbone an idea which promotes shagging.
squeak, Mar 29 2005

       Bun in the direction of [5th Earth].
wagster, Mar 29 2005

       Do not use, I repeat do not use a bubblewrap groundsheet.
skinflaps, Mar 29 2005

       Of couse, my tent would need to be a Marquee....
Ling, Mar 29 2005

       So this idea isn't for navigational aids that are available for public use?
Worldgineer, Mar 29 2005

       I tremble in fear whenever I think about some of these ideas escaping out into the open. Vagina Jam is one, this is another... But I have to agree with [5th Earth]
froglet, Mar 29 2005

       the women's institute is banned from making jam - damned shame, nanny state!
po, Mar 29 2005

       [Public Sextants] ?   

       That would allow for some latitude in the idea.
normzone, Mar 29 2005

       I am for it for the reason to get those gay men out of the public toilets to do their thing somewhere else.   

       I think this has been baked at least in Japan as I have seen some second hand Japanese imports, Toyota Hiace vans, been originally used as shag wagons in Tokyo or other Japanese City. The decoration of these urban campervans is pimped up Bling style with huge bed, wash basin, toilet, dark red upholstery and that horrible chandelier on the ceiling. And I almost forgot the mirrors.   

       So I should say this idea has been baked naked, and some buns are still in the oven...
Pellepeloton, Oct 07 2006

       I give a bun for "mightnt".
bungston, Oct 08 2006

       [pellepeloton] is right; baked in Japan under the generic name 'Love Hotels'
pertinax, Oct 08 2006

       So would this be like car hire, if you dont clean up the rented space then you get charged a cleaning fee?   

       Or if you happen to damage part of the tent, (Stains included) do they charge you extra?   

       Or would the rule "You break it, You buy it"! apply?   

       I really feel sorry for cleaners now.
Stork, Oct 08 2006

       Just pack your own tent. As long as you are discrete and don't pitch your tent right next to the merry-go-round, you should be fine.
RunVentura, Oct 18 2006

       The trouble starts when you start to integrate.
neelandan, Oct 19 2006

       You went out of town to shop, somebody drove. Props to 5th Earth.
Chefboyrbored, Oct 19 2006

       Because tents are moisture tight, I can imagine what the smell would be like in there after a few days.
Jscotty, Oct 19 2006

       //I can imagine what the smell would be like in there after a few days.// Why??
Chefboyrbored, Oct 19 2006

       There's no reason the tents would have to smell bad. They can be cleaned after sex just like they could be cleaned after telling ghost stories.   

       But instead of tents, maybe left over classrooms from public schools? After all, so many teachers are being laid off that there should be some empty classrooms out there. High school students could get a discount based on grades and attendance.
Xenophile, Jul 01 2012

       This idea is flawed [-]: the entire goal of public sex is the subconscious and exhibitionist idea that your act may be seen by people who don't want to see it. By putting everything in a tent, the very essence of public sex is destroyed. This objection may sound too obvious, but I just took a "stating the obvious intelligence test", and I had a high score on it [link].
django, Jul 01 2012

       I take it the author has never had sex in public?
UnaBubba, Jul 01 2012


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