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Sports Bar

Great place to view sports
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Create a bar. Once inside the regular looking bar, patrons can buy tickets to enter the "stadium", a room with 5 rows and 12 seats per row, stadium seating style. Each row has 3 semi circle booths that seat 4 people with a skinny formed table in front of each person to set food/drinks on. Local or nation games can be displayed on the large screen TV. Waiters can come by down the side isle and offer drinks and food much like a vendor at a stadium. On off nights, the space can be rented out for parties to watch movies. I think the price of tickets to any sporting event has gotten out of hand and this would be a place where you can get a great seat, view your favorite sport on a very large screen and be with others cheering the team along.
willie55, Jan 24 2007

Holy Grail http://www.holygrai...ges/Gallery/338.jpg
The terraced seats are on the right. [imaginality, Jan 25 2007]

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       TV is in the floor, right?
shapu, Jan 24 2007

       Family sized confessional box sport outings, yey. Gets my vote, I dislike football even whilst standing. Apart from that, this would cause chaos.
skinflaps, Jan 24 2007

       The 'Holy Grail' in Christchurch has about eight rows of terraced seating facing a giant screen, with room for about ten people per row. They seem to be doing alright, always packed out for the big rugby games, so have a bun. +
imaginality, Jan 25 2007


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