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Puppet Bar

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In this bar, patrons are only permitted to speak through puppets that they bring with them or pay a small fee to hire upon entry. Weather ventriliquist dolls, glove puppets or those on strings, conversations and orders for drinks are done in silly voices with appropriate hand movements. Lewd gestures, drunken brawls and general tom foolery can thus be blamed on the puppets and not the puppet masters.
benfrost, Jan 29 2005

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       I'm only bunning this if all the drinks are served at the bar by hand puppets; you know, like a Punch and Judy show. A tiny hand puppet turning on a tap, and lifting a pint glass the size of itself... Who am I kidding, I've already bunned...
cuckoointherye, Jan 29 2005

       It's where King Friday goes to unwind. Friday - "Tavern Tender, I would like a copious container of alcoholic barley beverage."   

       plus the thought of Daniel Tiger ordering a stiff whiskey makes me snicker. [+]
Chrishnaugh, Jan 29 2005

       "And fill it with haste, I would like to have a beer buzz before that rummy Rogers returns. Contemptable crap! I hear that terrible trolley already. "
cuckoointherye, Jan 29 2005

       Puppet bars would be a great, because it's so difficult for puppets to find a place where they can meet each other, be themselves, and feel "puppet pride." Unfortunately, as puppet bars spring up in the larger "puppet neighborhoods", such establishments will become targets for the local authorities who want to stamp out puppetry at the root. Dolls, cartoons, and other anti-puppet forces will put pressure on local authorities to suppress the puppet bar scene. Puppet bar raids will become the "antivice force" of choice, for those who would meddle in the private lives of consenting puppets. These raids attempt to suppress the puppet lifestyle, perceived as a threat to the ideal American "Barbie and Ken" way of life.
robinism, Jan 29 2005

       But I'll be damned if they take away the puppet bath houses!   

       Bert and Ernie can be the spokespuppets.
cuckoointherye, Jan 29 2005

       Are you pulling my strings?
[ sctld ], Jan 29 2005

       I'm surprised Jim Henson hasn't done this shit already.
Eugene, Jan 30 2005

       If the two old guys in the balcony booth on the Muppet Show are there I'd buy I puppet just to go to this place.   

       + //drunken puppet brawls// made me laugh aloud.
Zimmy, Jan 30 2005

       Be prepared and hire puppet bouncers!   

       (see link)
zeno, Jan 30 2005

       i misread this as puppy barf. Then I read it and realised it may as well be.
cuckoointherye, Jan 30 2005

       yawn. get over it cuckoo.
benfrost, Jan 30 2005

       Pass me the "good scissors"--[+]
skinflaps, Jan 30 2005

       Love it! Another frosty masterpiece. (+)
energy guy, Jan 31 2005

       I am reminded of....to my chagrin...of a movie...."Hugo Pool"....You search it, I'm going to bed....
normzone, Jan 31 2005

       //I'm surprised Jim Henson hasn't done this shit already.//
Jim Henson is dead...
Aq_Bi, Jan 31 2005

       Oh! Well, that certainly explains that, then.
bristolz, Jan 31 2005

       This would definitely lead to really rowdy bar behavior. So +croissant.   

       Isn't this one of the motivating forces behing the 'furry' thing?
attis, Jan 31 2005

       "I'll have a gockle 'o geer, garman"
wagster, Jan 31 2005

       Explains Lady Elaine's nose.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2005

       Oh my, Miss Piggy was seen leaving with the Meat Puppets....
xandram, Apr 06 2006

       Sounds like a place for drunken students and strange men gathering with their puppets in dark shadey pubs sipping on cocktails and pretending to be someone there are not... Sorry mate .... can sell me on that one...
Dmedia, Dec 15 2006

       //Excellent illustrations!//
Bravo!, [hob].
Zimmy, May 19 2009

       Lady Elaine and Henrietta Pussycat chat over cosmo's, while Charlie McCarthy and Mortemer Snerd chalenge bert and ernie to a game of pool. the Thunderbirds act as the bouncers. on open mike night, miss piggy and madam sing Bosom Buddies from mame. then kermit gets drunk on cuervo while crying to the bartender, jerry mahoney, "it's not easy being green". he spills the bowl of pretzels, and the noo-noo tidies up.
-wess, May 19 2009

       I bunned this without even reading the description! Brilliant!
Jscotty, May 21 2009

       Some of these ideas are already addressed in Meet the Feebles, a feature-length film about the seedier side of muppet life. Sex, drugs, eating disorders, and a gory ending. Ya gotta love it.
luxlucet, May 21 2009


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