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Spray-on Paper Towels

It came to me in a dream....
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Consider the possibilities of "spray on paper towels". A nasty spill? Just shoot some onto the spill, a quick wipe, and through it away. Perhaps variants could have various detergeants and anti-bacterial agents mixed in. No more messing around with clumsy rolls.

With silly string being a reality, can anyone ignore "silly paper towels"?

raytracer, Nov 28 2000


       This is a brilliant idea! Maybe it's not "paper" per se... more likely some sort of plastic/rubber that dries instantly. If this were actually manufactured, I think it would take off!
danrue, Dec 05 2000

       An absorbent hardening foam of some sort <kind of like the insulation foam> probably isn't too out of the question, although I don't know how, not being a chemist...Would be more like a spray sponge, though, I guess.
StarChaser, Apr 14 2001

       You can apparently get an can of absorbent powder, often used as sneaker deodorant. That's close, though I'm not sure it would help you mop up a spill; at best, you'd be left with a pile of damp powder, which is only slightly easier to move than the puddle of liquid you started with.   

       There's also a "spray drying" technique, but that seems to be a different thing altogether.
egnor, Apr 14 2001

       Spray kitty litter.
thumbwax, Apr 14 2001

       Concrete? Don't even bother cleaning it up; just spread it around and let it set, and it becomes part of the walkway or countertop or whatever.   

       Kitty litter... mmh. "Clumping" is a little bit of an overstatement for most brands I've seen, despite advertising. "Loosely agglomerating" might be a better description.
egnor, Apr 14 2001

       What an sweet dream!! This idea needs way more votes on the + side. I would buy this. It could also attract the environmental side as it could be recycled/recyclable and it won't hurt any more trees.
mthall, Apr 17 2001

       is it just me, or does this seem the exact sort of thing that would spark a new set of fetishists into being?
absterge, Apr 17 2001

       How about a flamethower? The stain ceases to be a problem.
st3f, Apr 20 2001

       I just came up with the ultimate application for these: Allergy season. A quick shot of spray-on paper towel up the nose, and runniness ceases to be a problem! (depending on penetration, this could possibly take care of the post-nasal drip, too; but then you might suffocate, so take care) On top of the absorbence, you get a quick blast of aerosol carrier for a one-shot huff, and you'll be feeling better in no time.
absterge, Apr 30 2001

       ...but oh so thirsty...
phoenix, Aug 07 2001

       I'd rather see spray-on Spam. Or maybe spray-on liver cheese. now we're talking.
sh4linux, Aug 21 2001

       How about a spray that bonds with the liquid and then dries up so that it can be peeled of the surface it was sprayed on
bob2001, Sep 18 2001

       Peter writes: Let's see. You want something that clumps, is highly absorbent to both water and oil, and sets into something relatively solid that you can just pick up.   

       Shazaam, enter my co-invention "the spray can broom" just spray and out pops a broom to clean up the relatively solid easily!
bobzaguy, Oct 07 2001

       This could be a pretty good idea if it were possible to hash out some more. [marked-for-deletion] WIBNI.
daseva, Aug 17 2010

       [+] and noting that the idea is to wipe it away with another cloth.
FlyingToaster, Aug 18 2010

       A desicant powder would be possible, but wouldn't deal well with oil.   

       The addition of a second component that absorbs oil should also be possible.   

       Something to make the components stick together after spraying would be difficult, especially to make sure it didn't also stick to the surface being cleaned. A matrix like silly string that hardens as soon as it hits air might work, but odds are it would end up sealing most of the desicants away from the liquid.
MechE, Aug 18 2010


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