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Spreadsheet Views

Data entry, summary and details sections for an existing spreadsheet
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The following is an additional feature for spreadsheets.

a. You can set a new type of "Sheet page" which has "Panes"
(it shouldn't be much of a pane to create such a sheet)

b. Each pane shows a different view of an existing sheet. The views can be:

b1. A slice of filtered data (example: only the lines that are for my department). The top line of this view shows the filter. Creating a new line with this filter inserts a new line into the main sheet at the correct location, or adds one to the bottom, filling in the correct default information for this line (in our example, automatically filling out the department number field)

b2. A summary page. A wizard will help create one, or you can easily format it and write it yourself.

b3. A data entry form based on the main sheet with place for verification scripts, and easy verification methods.

c. Changing the underlying sheet would bring up a wizard for updating the changed information in the three types of views.

pashute, Dec 29 2014


       Don't pivot tables do much of this?   


       Wouldn't a relational database be a better tool for these problems?
the porpoise, Dec 29 2014

       No. I just want to show several views in one page, allowing me to scroll each one separately or freeze rows and columns separately.   

       Data entry for a simple spreadsheet shouldn't be hard to make and making a database (like access) is simply an overkill, needing skills not available to most.
pashute, Jan 04 2015

       I'm reasonably sure a spreadsheet can do this already.
FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2015

       Which of the following?   

       a. show different views each with its own frozen columns and rows?   

       b. wizard for data entry form creation?   

       c. a quick summary of groups and totals in a few lines? (and wizard to create such)   

       d. wizard for updating views according to changed structure of data?   

       Any of the above?
pashute, Jan 18 2015

       I worked to produce a departmental Lotus spreadsheet about 25 maybe 30 years ago. You could do pretty well anything you wanted to, albeit with much weeping and gnashing of teeth. Column sums and simple formulae, that spreadsheets are best known for, are the equivalent of C's "Hello World!" program.
FlyingToaster, Jan 18 2015


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