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Spring Hat

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A hat with a spring that's remote controlled

Pressing this button will be fun, I'm told

My friend says Bush was elected again

I just can't beleive it you gotta be kid'n

I turn and look him straight in the eyes

As my hat shoots up in comic surprise

My rhymes ain't tight and my meter is whack

So I'll end this thing now to avoid a smack

Giblet, Jul 20 2005

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       I'm thinking this is available or was once, have you googled novelty hats, spring loaded hats, etc.?   

       edit: I apologize for doubting your research.
dentworth, Jul 20 2005

       This invention has got to be the absolute coolest thing ever. I would buy one... If I had the coin.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jul 20 2005

       This invention has got to be the absolute coolest thing ever. I would buy one... If I had the coin.
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jul 20 2005

       Yes I did, Dentworth. Not found, thus the idea.   

       Did you?
Giblet, Jul 20 2005

       Well I like this springy hat in a [Giblet] Style,
This hat sounds wicked and versatile,
It indicates surpise in a way you can see,
Can imagine it being sported by RunDMC,
Could even see it on them Beastie Boys,
I know them dudes are into neat toys,
S'pose we might find that this hat has been done,
But I'm still gonna give it a halfbakery bun.....Checkit!!
Minimal, Jul 20 2005

       I think you'd need a chin strap to keep it on your head as it sprang. Maybe this could be disguised as a comedy beard? Either way, [+]
Fishrat, Jul 20 2005

       A problem I note,
Could be the remote,
To keep it clutched tight,
Through the day and the night,
On the merest chance that,
I should wish for my hat,
To fly up from my head,
Like a cat when shot dead,
Would be tiresome.


       May I suggest in its place,
A device on the face,
Or perhaps on a tooth,
Or the mouth (in its roof),
I could prod with my tongue,
To get my Springing Hat sprung
DocBrown, Jul 20 2005

       Giblet, yes I searched, found only one patent pending explanation of a pop up hat, but it was not spring loaded.   

       so + for you!
dentworth, Jul 20 2005

       Nice lines, from all of you.   

       Fine wines, and olive juice.   

       Nine pines, palmolive spruce,   

       Einstein's a shot callin' Jew.
daseva, Jul 20 2005

po, Jul 20 2005

       //My friend says Bush was elected again//   

       I think this hat should come with steam tubes, so you can make steam come out of your ears.
phundug, Jul 21 2005

       What does the summer hat do?
wagster, Jul 21 2005

       I assume it has some "additional" functions (ha ha). Watch out for the fall hat, though!
phundug, Jul 21 2005


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