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Spring loaded TP roll

Loads of laffs!
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This would be a comedy prank roll which one could substitute for the regular roll holder. It contains a spring, which one would wind up mightily before installing. When an unsuspecting TP user tugs on the sheet, the spring deploys and the roll spins at high speed, sending all of the TP flying off like a perfumed streamer.

This product would be sold along with things like joy buzzers, cigarette loads, and whoopee cushions.

bungston, Jan 06 2003


       I want one, where can I buy? +
krelnik, Jan 06 2003

       Or get a cat. Or a rabbit. (All our pets in turn have discovered the joys of toilet roll spinning.)
DrCurry, Jan 06 2003

       Ha! That’s better than cling wrapping the toilet bowl after stirring in a couple of boxes of clear Jell-O. (Wrings hands while laughing manically).   


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