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Sphinx toilet paper holder

For guest bathrooms.
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BorgCo are pleased to announce their latest home entertainment offering; a toilet roll holder with a model of the Sphinx mounted on top.

When the infrared sensors detect the presence of a toilet user, the eyes light up and the Sphinx then requests them to give their age. It then demands for "thee to answer my questions three" of a difficulty and content appropriate to the age of the user.

Voice recognition software analyzes the responses and if correct, releases the clutch on the roll; otherwise it waits until the room has been has been vacated for five minutes before resetting.

Guaranteed to break the ice at parties.

NB beware if asked your favourite colour.

8th of 7, Dec 09 2009

about that web-connection... http://verydemotiva...030732886049260.jpg
[FlyingToaster, Dec 15 2009]


       I absolutely love this. I'd give it more +'s if I could.
blissmiss, Dec 09 2009

       Blue, no Yellow!
kaz, Dec 09 2009

       Yeah, I love it too. This would be funny in public cubicles, with everyone settled down, whispering frantically to their respective Sphinx.   

       Toilet attendants might do a side-line in riddles so as to help-out their charges should they find themselves in a tight spot.
zen_tom, Dec 10 2009

       Imagines Sphinx experiencing a rapid conversion to a model of Ozymandias
xenzag, Dec 10 2009

       Imagining the graffiti scrawled on a toilet wall:
Look upon my works, and despair!
zen_tom, Dec 10 2009

       It's ok. I don't need any paper.
I'm just going for a Jimmy Riddle.
Jinbish, Dec 10 2009

       KInd of like Cleopatra for the Day, or hour, or so. With specter in hand.
blissmiss, Dec 10 2009

       Probably better for biscuits tins ...
Aristotle, Dec 10 2009

       You just know he's in denile about the bidet.   

       if its cruel to puppies there will be trouble.
po, Dec 10 2009

       //Voice recognition software analyzes the responses//   

       All good, unless you just need to blow your nose.
"Whide. Whide. WHIDE dammid!
shudderprose, Dec 11 2009

       Zero - Resistance is Futile .....
8th of 7, Dec 11 2009

       Or "Britain's got ExLax" and the viewers get to vote on who gets the easy questions from the Sphinx..   

       + (but I don't speak Egyptian)
xandram, Dec 11 2009

       //if its cruel to puppies there will be trouble. — po, Dec 10 2009// Especially if the puppy starts chewing up the roll of toilet paper.
outloud, Dec 11 2009

       It could be a cute Sphinx puppy (kitten ? cub ? chick ? calf ? Anyone know what a baby Sphinx is called ?)
8th of 7, Dec 11 2009

       Sphincter, An Egyptian muscle dog.
outloud, Dec 11 2009

       OK, you get my vote, but my 8 year old's way too smart for this, but still has not learned proper judgment in TP consumption, so there's a minor flaw in the design there...
oxen crossing, Dec 13 2009

       If you buy the top-of-the-range model it has heuristic software and a web connection for question library updates.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2009

       Nice link, [FT].
8th of 7, Dec 15 2009

       Good thing we are already in the bathroom, cause that link just scared the shit outta me!!!
blissmiss, Dec 15 2009


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