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Sprinkler crowd control

Because wreaking havoc is harder when soaked and miserable.
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An anti-riot system used at concerts to deter crowds from breaking things (and each other), discourage bar patrons from smashing bottles of ale over one-another's heads, and prevention of general mayhem that sometimes occurs at large gatherings of people, or small gatherings of drunks.

Upon pulling a fire-alarm-like switch, the system would activate, dumping gallons of cold water over everyone in the area. Note that little damage would occur to person or property, as it is just water.

A more potent system might involve spraying liquid foam out of nozzles in the ceiling, but only in the most serious of situations.

Bouncers or other security might be made immune to the system by wearing hi-tread golloshes (sp?) , raincoats, and goggles to see though the torrents of water.

The most logical source of this water would be the buildings already existing sprinkler system, but a more half bakery-style source would be a huge resorvoir on the roof, waiting to be unleashed on the offenders inside.

djjosh1200, Dec 09 2002


       //little damage would occur to person or property//
Not so sure about that, myself. Water can do quite alot of damage to property. Often the primary cause of damage after a (small) fire is all the water applied by the firemen to put it out.
krelnik, Dec 09 2002

       Obligatory Riot Girls Gone Wild Post
thumbwax, Dec 09 2002

       While I like the image of bouncers dressed up as North Sea fishermen, I'm against it. Concerts (at least the ones where violence is likely enough to warrant this system) are hot, sweaty affairs. I can think of nothing that'd piss me off more than happily dancing away when WHOOSH! I'm soaked to the skin in icy-cold water.   

       Plus, walking home in wet clothes increases the risk of catching cold or, worse still, hypothermia.
my face your, Dec 09 2002


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