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Tall Billet Proof Shields at Public Spaces

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In certain circumstances outside the US, civilians are obliged to accommodate members of the armed forces. However, there are conscientious objectors in all societies and there is a precedent for creating public facilities for people with a particular set of values, such as Orthodox Judaism and its eruvin, which enable them to observe the Sabbath as their understanding of the Law allows.

There has been a tendency for like-minded people to live in particular areas. For example, I live in a neighbourhood with a lot of Quakers, and I can also think of Jehovah's Witnesses who live near their Kingdom Halls. This kind of thing happens all the time in both religious and non- religious circumstances. Haight-Ashbury and Christiania also spring to mind.

I propose that such areas be enclosed in a Roman testudo- style arrangement of shields to signal to troops that billeting is not a legal option in such neighbourhoods. In return, the residents will make no attempt to defend themselves against any other invasion or make any demands on the external infrastructure or society, including military protection.

nineteenthly, Jan 08 2016


       Clearly identified areas as having been decontaminated of all references or presence of Trump scum would also be helpful for normal people. Hopefull one of these will be the entire UK, as The Government here debates keeping him out for his racist hatred mouthings, following the most massive spontaneous petition ever delivered to the Houses of Parliament.
xenzag, Jan 08 2016

       Yes, I am also from over here and I signed it. I envisage a situation where Corbyn is PM and Trump President, and wonder what that would be like.   

       Incidentally, one potential problem with this is that it's a little like being protected by herd immunity but abstaining from vaccination, at least theoretically. The community could still end up protected even if its philosophy wasn't universally valid. Hundreds or thousands of kilometres of military protection would still be in place, unless the neighbourhoods concerned were on the coast or small islands.
nineteenthly, Jan 08 2016

       Corbyn is no better - a total retard who wants to see statues erected of dead sectarian terror psychos like the moron Bobby Sands. Trump and Corbyn are equals in the intellectual bottom feeder's league table, as far as I'm concerned. Boneheads of a feather, flock together.
xenzag, Jan 08 2016

       It's more a question of spectacle than political allegiance.
nineteenthly, Jan 09 2016

       Hold on. This is just a riff on "Unlimited winDshield wiper fluid", isn't it?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2016

       I see a conspiracy behind every conspiracy.
popbottle, Jan 11 2016


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