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Square De-icer

Stack 'em
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Instead of round tins of aerosol de-icer, why not square,rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, dodecohexidecimexi...
In fact any shape that isn't gonna roll around the floor of my car whenever I perform the slightest of maneouvers.
I'd like for once to listen to the stereo, not the de-icer on a trip.
MikeOliver, Jan 12 2006

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       You can get plastic spray bottles of the stuff, at least in this country. No aerosol involved; just pure hand muscle power.
silverstormer, Jan 12 2006

       They still come in a rounded, albeit much less rounded, bottle.
MikeOliver, Jan 12 2006

       Why would a person need de-icer?   

       (Norman in San Diego :-)
normzone, Jan 12 2006

       Well i dunno about you americans, but alot of us brits put de savings in de-icer!
MikeOliver, Jan 12 2006


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