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Safe Cycling

Night vision systems for Motorcycles
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Although a baked idea for cars and the military I'd like to see the night vision systems (like those on Cadillacs) adapted for use by motorcycle riders. On Cadillacs and H2 Hummers a HUD projects the image onto the windshield.
I've done some research and no one seems to offer this for motorcycles. The unit could actually be mounted below the headlight, or even the camera /reciever down on the brake caliper. The idea would be to give three different choices of output. For those riding full dressers you could HUD to their windshield just like the cars. For those without windshields, an interface cable running from the tank area to their helmet, HUD displays on their visor (admittedly this would require special helmet / visor but the Helmet manufacturers aren't afraid of charging large amounts of money for their product now).
For those who have no windshield and prefer not to wear a helmet, a little red light that blinks whenever something is directly in front of them (unless of course they wanted special glasses made similar to helmeted riders), ar at least within a given field radius.
Living in an area of the States with a very high critter count I know how much this effects night time riding. Although the car systems are great I'd think you'd save more lives it this was available for cycles. I know I'd enjoy night riding much more.
soundman, Nov 10 2003

Cadillac night vision http://www.marlow.c...t_vision_system.htm
How Cadillac's works [soundman, Oct 04 2004]

Hummer Night Vision http://biz.yahoo.co...0923/netu011_1.html
Raytheon does the Hummer [soundman, Oct 04 2004]

Heads-up displays go from cockpits to helmets http://news.com.com...0-1041-5116489.html
Dec 08 2003 [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I could see this being useful, but there are two things that I'm not so sure about ... 1.) limited field of view and 2.)dampening the bright lights from oncoming cars ... other than that, it would be great, but expensive ...   

       anyway, [soundman] what do you ride?
Letsbuildafort, Nov 10 2003

       Midway through customizing a '98 Vulcan 1500A. I know its not Harley but it works for me (putting more to the ground for less! Maybe I can sell that to the metrics as a motto!)
soundman, Nov 10 2003

       Sweet ... I'm on a v-twin too ... an '01 SV650s ... we're putting race prep on it next week, and getting it ready for the track next season ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 10 2003

       Well mines down for the winter and having the motor pulled. Even the Metrics get glitches and mine has a first gear bur in the trans, no sense to allow your ride to annoy you, right?
soundman, Nov 10 2003

       One thing to consider when thinking about expense. This is something like a $2000 option on a cadillac ( I believe) but if your riding a 15 - 30 thousand dollar bike wouldn't you be willing to spend a couple more to make things safer? I would. And as more units were sold cost would come down.
soundman, Nov 10 2003

       I don't think I would, but my riding habits are probably vastly different from yours ... but then again, my bike is only worth arround $3500, even with the performance parts and fairing work ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 11 2003

       It seems to be for instrumentation, not night vision, but someone has baked the helmet-based form which will be available next spring. See link for an article in today's New York Times about it.
krelnik, Dec 08 2003


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