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Square date birthday celebration

Special birthday celebration for people born on 1st, 4th, 9th, 16th or 25th of January, April, or September 2025
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As everyone knows, 2025 is 45², so people born on these dates will have every number in their dates of birth a square of an integer. As those people born in 1936 (44²) die we should mark this propitious series of dates - only 9 years to prepare!

(...and before you ask, the next cubed dates are the 1st, 8th, and 27th of January and August 2197 (13³) - in fact the 27th January that year is a palindrome of cubes: 3³/1³/13³).
hippo, May 25 2016


       Numerology ... <sigh>   

       It's only 2016 CE in your Western calendar, based on an arbitrary date that's known to be wrong. Other calendars based on other start points have quite different dates ...   

       Wouldn't it be better to use a fixed, known end-point as the datum (Such as 14 January 2018, when that asteroid's going to impact your planet), and count down to that ?
8th of 7, May 25 2016

       Here's an email I sent a while ago:   

       > Hi Dad,
> I realised that today is squares day: 16/04/09.
> Just thought you might be interested in that.
> Yours, <etc>

       I realise that I used only the last two digits of the year, probably couldn't be bothered to wait 16 years...
Loris, May 25 2016

       Signing yourself as "Yours, <etc>" to a parent is bad form, [Loris].
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2016

       //fixed, known end-point// Because we assume somebody will out-bid and you'll end up fixing it again
lurch, May 25 2016

       Oooh my birthday this year was 02 04 16 (Expressed in american date layout format).   

       Thats 10 100 1000 in binary   

       My celebration shall be a cup of herbal tea.
bhumphrys, May 25 2016

       //Signing yourself as "Yours, <etc>" to a parent is bad form//   

       Yeah... actually I originally wrote my name but trimmed it off here for anonymity.
Loris, May 26 2016

       // my birthday ... celebration shall be a cup of herbal tea. //   

       If that's what passes for celebration where you live, it must be a very dull place ...
8th of 7, May 26 2016

       You can talk, I've seen those big cubes.
bhumphrys, May 26 2016

       Hey, the Borg know how to party ... trust us on this. The karaoke is AMAZING ...
8th of 7, May 26 2016

       Oh so you (pl.) are probably going to have a fairly significant party when it's [hippo's] _'cube'_ anniversary date?
bhumphrys, May 26 2016


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