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Square helix

a sexy shape
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If you intersect four corrugated sheets (two pairs of spaced parallel sheets, each sheet intersecting one other sheet), the result is a square helix (see illustrations). The square helix is a sensual shape and easy to build and thus would make a good sculpture. It also has the nice feature that it is 'space filling' (i.e. multiple copies of the shape can be stacked together without gaps).

A trendy lamp shade could be made in a square helix shape (made with metal edges and fabric sides).

xaviergisz, Sep 08 2009

illustration http://imgur.com/a/q4tOJ
[xaviergisz, Sep 08 2009, last modified Dec 12 2011]


       If you use it to house your pet mouse, you could call it a squeelix. As a fundamental form, it's got to be somewhat baked, but have this croissant to feed your mouse. +
xenzag, Sep 08 2009

       Isn't this the shape many pommes frites come in?
loonquawl, Sep 08 2009

       great find, bigsleep. It's hard to tell from the picture whether it is wavy on all four sides or just two sides.   

       loonquawl, I've seen corrugated fries before, but not to the same extent/effect as mine. I think fries is a good application of this shape since it could be easily achieved with known technology (i.e. corrugated blade) and, as with normal fries, there would be little waste (since the shape is space filling).
xaviergisz, Sep 09 2009

       both those links are pretty weak (particularly the second one), 21 Quest.   

       <rant mode on>
21 Quest, I think you could make an effort to be a bit more polite. I like feedback, I like relevant links, I like hearing a different perspective on ideas. I don't like king-of-the-castle arrogance, I don't like a shoot-first-ask-questions- later attitude and I don't like trolling. Whatever your message, there is usually a way to phrase it constructively/instructively rather than destructively/negatively. Of course everyone's got their own style, but sometimes you've just got to dial it down a notch. We're all here to share ideas and have a bit of fun. Being a tool takes some of that sharing and fun away, and in my opinion is just not cool.
<rant mode off>
xaviergisz, Sep 09 2009

       The idea is a lamp shade in this shape. I think it fits within the HB definition of an invention. Other uses for the shape could include: french fries (as mentioned above), pasta (piazza spirali or piazza elica), a toy, a construction block etc.   

       I'm not your mate, pal
(I'll spoil the joke by saying there's no ill will in this comment, it's just a reference to South Park)
xaviergisz, Sep 09 2009

       Nice shape.   

       In the light of the above altercation:   

       The fact that the halfbakery has a section entitled 'culture' suggests that ideas do not need to be inventions, functional mechanisms or even tangeable.   

       At the top left of the page is the heading 'idea' not 'invention'.   

       I have seen ideas put down on the grounds that they fall into the category 'what if we all did this'. Surely this is the very definition of culture.   

       Rant over.   

       And you're not my mate or pal, buddy.
Twizz, Sep 09 2009

       Blimey. Someone posts something pretty and this is what happens.   

       Anyway, bollocks. It's pretty, and clever, and made me think about all kinds of things to do with helices, and I like it very much, so [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 09 2009


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