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Superfluous Part Abstract Art

We knew this stuff had a use
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In the repair of office equipment the technician must frequently remove many covers and panels to access mechanical assemblies and troubleshoot and correct the problem. Many of the panels and covers removed aren’t really necessary to the operation of the device and as such are seldom reinstalled and often thrown away.

I propose that such items be saved and used in the construction of artistic sculpture. This abstract art might even be displayed in the lobbies of the very office buildings that unknowingly contributed the constituent pieces. Employees with their coffee can sit and meditate over the thoughtful (or haphazard) assembly of the atrocious obelisk confronting them. Unused paper tray covers. Taupe plastic with recycling logos. A million tiny sheet metal screws. What does it all mean?

whatrock, Feb 04 2016

Inspired by: Largely_20Transparent_20Peripherals
Largely Transparent Peripherals [whatrock, Feb 04 2016]


       Apparently, my truck sheds something superfluous every few months. I've started building another truck from the castoffs.   

       [+] artsy.
FlyingToaster, Feb 04 2016


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