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Squirt-The-Last-Drop fire starter

A better-designed squirt bottle for BBQ fire-starter fluid
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I've noticed that the average plastic bottle of fire-starter fluid has the squirt-nozzle located in the center of the top of the bottle. This is inconvenient. One way to TEST to see if the charcoal has ignited is to squirt a little extra fluid at the pile. If it doesn't light, then you know you need more, and you need to start the flames again. If it DOES light, well, consider a nearly-empty bottle that you are trying to squirt -- your hand is directly OVER the fire!

To be able to squirt the last drops from such a bottle from the side means that the squirt-nozzle needs to be located at a "corner" of the roughly-box-shaped squirt bottle. And from the corner, the nozzle should be tilted (a direct line from the nozzle should pass through the center of the box).

Vernon, Sep 06 2004

Typical bottle http://www.thomasre...362235/ligh-flu.htm
[ldischler, Oct 04 2004]

Kingsford Lighter Fluid http://www.instawar...id.71175CLX.0.7.htm
Kingsford, perhaps the largest American manufacturer of BBQ briquets and lighter fuels, seems to have addressed the problem with this container design. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       //One way to TEST to see if the charcoal has ignited is to squirt a little extra fluid at the pile.//
This is not a very good test. And if you'd had enough starter to begin with, you'd have a nice ash showing on the coals already.
ldischler, Sep 06 2004

       What do people actually use to light their BBQ? Lighter fluid? I've been looking for a picture of an existing squirt bottle, but all I seem to find are references to gel and solids. [Thanks, ldischler!]
jutta, Sep 06 2004


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