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Squishy trackpoint

Gel-filled or otherwise squishy pointing device
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I love trackpoints. (The little eraser-head things in the center of the keyboard.) But the major problem with them is that they act just like erasers, too. They tend to put a dimple in the tip of your finger after prolonged use, which is both unsightly and painful. IBM has a concave tip, which helps, but that leaves a circle on your finger instead. I propose a slight variant on the whole idea as a special "key" in the center of the keyboard with an indentation in it. The surface is either rubbery soft or gel-filled soft, and you just push in the direction you want to go like the concave trackpoint tip.

I kind of expanded the idea of the concave tip so that your entire fingertip fits into it, not just a little circular section, and then, since that wouldn't work very well by itself, embedded it lower into the keyboard.

omegatron, Nov 20 2004

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