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Webcam pressure pad

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A pressure pad placed on a user's chair and linked by software and hardware to the webcam of a computer.

When the pressure is removed, the webcam is automatically blanked.

This would prevent the truly horrifying situation of a video conference participant thoughtlessly standing up in mid-call, perhaps to reach for a file, and accidentally revealing to all the other watchers that they are in fact entirely unclad below the waist ...

8th of 7, Feb 02 2021


       Is this a confession? How many times have you "accidentally" exposed yourself to your virtual audience?
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 02 2021

       No, it is not a confession. It is others who are in desperate and immediate need of this technology.   

       But it has happened. We are still feeling a little nauseous. The next in-person meeting with the offender (and it was pretty offensive) may be more than a little awkward, if that is he doesn't tender his resignation beforehand ...   

       And the meting was being recorded, too.
8th of 7, Feb 02 2021

       Could an adequate software only solution be made that uses face detection to turn of the video feed if the face moves out of the frame?
scad mientist, Feb 02 2021

       Adequate, possibly, but this is an application where five-nines reliability is absolutely essential.   

       If it had happened to you, you wouldn't be happy with "adequate" either.
8th of 7, Feb 02 2021

       And an additional periphery sensor that detects 'cute' children and animals interrupting the meeting, triggering replacement of the screen with a traditional off-air broadcast test pattern.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 02 2021


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