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Squooshable Cute Things

Sadism and plush toys go well together
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Lots of plush toys are huggable. But how many of them are flattenable?

There is something satisfying about taking a very cute toy, and scrunching it up. But I feel there are two major flaws with most of the allegedly-cute toys I've seen:

(a) Most are not, in fact, cute. They are "cutesy". Baby people: cute. Fluffy squirrel toys with inspid smiles? Cutesy. Goslings: cute. Toy dogs with painted-on frowns? Cutesy.

(b) All the ones that I've seen...unscrunch. No matter how hard you scrunch them, they pop back. This is fine in a kid's toy, which needs to be reusable, but in a toy for adults? Certainly not.

Squooshable Cute Things are genuinely cute, reasonably faithful reproductions of various animals. They are soft and squeezable, and when you squoosh them...they stay that way.

jeffmach, Aug 28 2005


       Sounds like you need to get some appropriate Playdough molds. But, um, have you seen your therapist lately...?
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       I like the idea of having something that you could pounce on and take out frustration onto, but if it doesn't pop back up then you have to buy a new one everytime. Which I find too much of a pain to be worth dealing with. If everytime I wanted one I had to go buy it, then I just wouldn't. What I believe to be a flaw in your marketing. So I with hold by fishbone for now.
babyhawk, Aug 28 2005

       DrCurry: Some things appeal only to a very *particular* market. Like sports games, and first person shooters, and heck, sports in general -- I often think that the people who get all worked up about the performance of a particular sports team that they influence in no way whatsoever could do with a few visits to a therapist to sort out priorities.   

       babyhawk: I agree about it being a pain to have to buy a new one. What if they just stayed scrunched for an hour or two -- they'd have to be made out of a material that only slowly regains its form. Maybe sort of orthropedic pillow material with a longer hold time.   

       Anyway. I would buy this toy, once, but I wouldn't let my chidren buy it or be anywhere near it -- last thing I want if for kids to think they can "scrunch" realistic versions of cute animals... Maybe if they weren't made to look like animals (i.e. they were cubes or something), or if they were "alien" cute animals that -liked- being scrunched.   

       Anyway, bun for being "out-there". ;o)
merinslips, Aug 28 2005

       How about a plush toy with one of those pressure activated recording things inside? Instead of saying "I love you very much" when you hug them, they would say "Aaaagh! CRRRUNCHHH!" when you step on them. They would then unscrunch and be ready for more stompings.
wagster, Aug 28 2005

       When I were nobbut an ankle-biter there was a series of soft toys about the size of, oooohh a grapefruit which you could squish into a plastic ball about the size of, ooooohhh a pingpong ball. And then take them out again. Quite fascinating, I think you'll agree.
squeak, Aug 29 2005

       Baked: Pet Store.
Noexit, Aug 29 2005


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