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St. Elmo's Fire Brigade

Due to popular demand...
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Their fire house is an old Victorian affair, following the gothic style of architecture. As such, the St. Elmo's Fire House contains a spire, a spire which the St. Elmo's Fire Fighters use in order to tell the wether conditions, particularly when lighting shall strike.

The spire will light up with a glow called St. Elmo's Fire. When it does, it signifies that there is a static charge in the air, and that lightning will soon strike. This puts the St Elmo's Fire Brigade into action. They go out and warn people not to go into tall buildings, and move those already in them to low-rise buildings.

There will also need to be a sea-rescue version to save yachters from impending doom.

[ sctld ], Jun 12 2002

(?) Proposed logo http://adscape.com/...otoshop/four/intro/
'Electric Cat' [phoenix, Jun 13 2002]


       To hell with the description; pastry for the title, which had me giggling on its first appearance.
angel, Jun 12 2002

       Where are the muppets? I want muppets!
pottedstu, Jun 12 2002

       This is something I've always wanted to see. This, swamp gas burning and the sunset green flash.
waugsqueke, Jun 12 2002

       I figured this would happen. A bit disappointed not to see any co-contributors mentioned...
beauxeault, Jun 12 2002

       These things happen when you get bored.   

       //Due to popular demand//-There you go beaux.
[ sctld ], Jun 12 2002

       Very disappointed in the implementation. To fight St. Elmo's Fire, the brigade should run around trying to dissipate the static charge.
phoenix, Jun 12 2002

       Thats kind of why the St. Elmos Fire House has a spire. Most of the dissipating is done for them. So in the end, all they can do warn others and help them.
[ sctld ], Jun 12 2002

       I feel that [phoenix] is right, the brigade should be equipped with cats on long insulated poles to soak up the static. A quick release mechanism would free the insanely puffed out moggy to carry the static away while a fresh one was attached and put into action.
IvanIdea, Jun 12 2002

       Cats (with keys on their tails) tied to kites....
phoenix, Jun 13 2002

       Where's Rob Lowe? I want Rob Lowe!   

       (particularly if he wears that little gas-station-attendant uniform he wore in that scene with the weeping Demi Moore ... my nineteen-year-old self thought that he was just *soooo fine* in a greasy jumpsuit)
1percent, Jun 13 2002

       Semiconductor plants would benefit mightily from this innovation - they HATE static .....   

       When the alarm sounds, the St Elmo's fire truck would be sent out. This would have a ballista or trebuchet-style device instead of a ladder. It would be used to fling cats on the end of long, fine copper wires up into the Cu-Nim, thus discharging the static safely to earth.   

       We would volunteer to work the cat-flinger, even if it had to wear a silly hat .....
8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

       /insert misreading/   

       Semiconductor pants
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 03 2006


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