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Stackable Bottles

You know. For kids.
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I guess these exist and are called "jars." Come to think of it, why not bring back a Mason Jar type of container for alcohol (and everything else that currently comes in bottles)? Why were they only a good idea during Prohibition?

9-8: Okay, it didn't occur to me that drinking from Mason jars might be difficult or unpleasant. Still, can't we design a better, reclosable drink container that is stackable?

9-9: Peter, I figured that there must be a sub-section of people who really like drinking out of bottles. Otherwise, everything would be in cans. The Stackable Bottle (TM) has the feel of a bottle (or at least a glass) yet the convenience (if not the durability) of a can.

Maybe people like bottles because, pouring is easier with a bottle than with a cup or can.

centauri, Sep 06 2000

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       Ever try drinking from a Mason Jar?
egnor, Sep 08 2000

       I've happily drunk from Mason jars. Regular mouth are easier than Wide mouth, unless, I assume, the drinker also has a wide mouth.
hello_c, Sep 08 2000

       What about those big rectangular "bottles" (tubs? boxes?) with spigots on the front? I've seen bottled water, wine coolers, and even OJ sold in bulk this way.   

       You can't drink directly from it, but you can fill a glass conveniently, and they definitely stack.
egnor, Sep 09 2000

       well (hic) I have no problem shhhhtacking (hic) my Jack Daniels (burp) as they are nice square bottles !!(falls to floor, face down in a heap)
ickledinkle, Jan 11 2001

       Crates allow bottles to be stacked and carried more easily. A remarkable invention.
Lemon, Jan 11 2001

       Great, now we need stackable humans, too...
StarChaser, Jan 11 2001

       Please don't have your children play with liquor bottles; you are getting them to drink too young.
Vance, Feb 05 2001


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