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Gag Stamps
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Something to keep the disgruntals occupied... a GAG Stamp. Legitimate stamp reading "PLACE STAMP HERE" .

Now there's an idea.

roderacer, Apr 08 2002


[ sctld ], Apr 08 2002

       Where do you stick the stamps,
vimto, Apr 08 2002

       I understand your concept, it's just worded rather strangely.   

       He means an actual stamp that reads "Place Stamp Here." Stick it where you usually put stamps. Therefore, even though you've placed the stamp on the envelope and it is legally paid for, it will look like you haven't placed a stamp on the envelope.   

       Seems to me it would only serve to piss off postal workers, though... and God knows that they're already grumpy enough.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 08 2002

       "Something to keep the disgruntals occupied..."
phoenix, Apr 09 2002

       There are a lot of people besides post office workers that are disgruntled...   

       Although I notice that is what he means now.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 09 2002

       This idea appeals to my sense of humor. +
bristolz, Apr 09 2002

       Actually that sounds rather amusing. But, unfortunately, it'd piss us off when they send it back telling us to put a stamp on it.
Spread, Apr 09 2002

       Aren't stamp's validity checked by machine?   A scanner or something?   I think that a valid stamp would make it no mater what was printed on it.
bristolz, Apr 09 2002

       Could be a commemorative stamp honoring Jorge Luis Borges. Or Groucho Marx.
Dog Ed, Apr 09 2002

       I'd rather have a stamp that reads: Postage Paid.
If confronted by Postal S.W.A.T. Team, act innocent.
thumbwax, Apr 09 2002


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