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Standing Tall Tea Kettle

Boil, boil, less toil and trouble
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This kettle has a spout valve that demands more pressure before it starts whistling. Instead the pressure of the steam first forces three pistons in the kettle base downwards. The piston rods are external legs that push against the top of the stove, raising the boiling kettle above the burner.

If the standing, whistling kettle isn’t removed, it doesn’t let the water get cold but lowers itself with the loss of pressure back down to the burner.

FarmerJohn, Jan 16 2005

A spring balance http://home.wanadoo....m.sol/pesola1e.htm
For those who have forgotten their physics classes. [wagster, Jan 16 2005]


       How many PSI would you have to build up in that boiler, in order to lift the weight of the water?   

       How about...adding springs under the kettle, to counteract the weight of the water.
The springs would push the kettle up when it's empty, so the legs are extended. As you add water, the springs compress (and the legs retract). But as soon as it starts to boil, the pistons fill up and the pistons plus the springs lift the kettle.
robinism, Jan 16 2005

       Nice creature :). Does it jump if you heat it up too quickly?..   

       Also, if the pressure is distributed not equaly to the legs, it might tilt. If the contents of the kettle is distributed not equaly, it might tilt as well..
Inyuki, Jan 16 2005

       There should also be a way to make the burner weight-sensitive so when the kettle cools and lowers itself back down the burner comes on again to re-heat the water, but only if there is water in the kettle. We don't want an empty kettle sitting on an active burner unless, of course, you like to have your local fire department visit you.
Canuck, Jan 16 2005

       [robinism]'s request for spring loading and [Inyuki]'s concerns about tilt can be solved by hanging the kettle from a modified spring balance [link]. A single piston would reside inside the spring of the spring balance and would have to be pressurised via a tube connected to the kettle.
wagster, Jan 16 2005

       Sounds sounds great, [FJ]. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jan 16 2005

       1. On a gas stove, the kettle would have to rise quite a distace to stop it from boiling. If you have an electric stove, why not use an electric kettle? 2. Also, the water still has to be kept boiling fo this to work, and once it boils off the kettle drops right back onto the flame. 3. On many stove, especially gas stoves, there is no good place to support the legs.   

       I'd suggest separate, ring shaped base, with the legs wrapping around the outside of the kettle, and some other means of acvtivating them.
tiromancer, Jan 16 2005

       It would be a tradeoff between a safe kettle that stays up and a less safe kettle (safe as existing kettles) that keeps the water hot. The electric kettle uses less energy but is widely known to exist. Yes, the legs need some work.   

       Springs are good.
FarmerJohn, Jan 16 2005

       With this kettle, I will never get a cup of tea.
Susan, Jan 17 2005

       No, but watching the kettle will never be as dull again.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       Has anyone ever used a percolator? Ever made the (slightly disturbing) observation that after its perked itself silly for a few minutes, and then heaved its last little guttural sigh, it sounded a lot like, well... anyway, some combination with these devices you describe could make for a truly disturbing little appliance indeed.   

       Sorry to have been unable to repress this little observation. I'll try harder in the future.
JungFrankenstein, Jan 18 2005

       Missed this one.   

       Well, not surprising since you're a self-obsessed introverted type, [2fries] ....
8th of 7, Sep 29 2009

I resemble that remark!

       <makes highly theatrical imaginary chalk mark on imaginary slate>
8th of 7, Sep 29 2009


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