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Standing Wave Bead Chain Ornament

Attract those shoppers!
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Christmas, and the lights and baubles go up. Recently I was playing with a long chain of beads, and generated a standing wave. It was very cool.

I propose that an outdoor display could use shiny or transparent beads (or even a string of lights) with a small motor to generate a standing wave. By changing the frequency, the waves could be made to appear to move around and change size. Several strands of beads with different waves would be a real eyecatcher.

This might be best suited to a store display given the expense - though motorized displays seem common enough.

bungston, Dec 19 2005

Should have been called the Bungston Effect https://www.youtube...watch?v=YZ1-4DVLSZ0
[AusCan531, Oct 26 2016]

Link https://lh3.googleu...1DvIJE=w400-h300-nc
[AusCan531, Oct 29 2016]

Done with string. http://i.imgur.com/hEWjTzY.gifv
Do this with beads, rotate upwards and you've got a pretty fountain or other display. [AusCan531, Dec 03 2016]

Hose wave https://www.youtube...watch?v=a4r3KbxKh7A
This sort of wave produced by shaking is what I had in mind. The frequency of the shake can change the number of waves or "humps" as she calls them. [bungston, Dec 04 2016]


       You needed to get this out to the masses Bungston before some usurper popularized it. [link].
AusCan531, Oct 26 2016

       Very cool! Thank you for the link! Now if one constructed a chain out of bowling balls...
bungston, Oct 26 2016

       I thought the size and configuration of the bead link set the standing wave? A motor could refeed the piled chain for a continuous loop.
wjt, Oct 29 2016

       [wjt]. The concept of a continuous looped chain powered by a mechanism underground led me to this idea. By assembling a series of these chains being fired upwards and falling downwards in a standing wave, you could make a chain fountain. [link]
AusCan531, Oct 29 2016

AusCan531, Dec 03 2016

       My query was about how much change you can do with the motor on a single strand.   

       A single chain doesn't look that dynamic.   

       Varying the size of the bead might make it wobble around a bit. Turning the speed down on the motor might risk entanglement.
wjt, Dec 04 2016

       The linked wave / chain fountain is not what I had in mind when I posted this. It is a different effect possible with a bead chain.   

       I posted a link showing the sort of thing I was thinking about: humps or bulges produced in a chain or hose, which one can alter or make seem to move up and down by changing shake frequency.
bungston, Dec 04 2016

       So a physical display of the Fourier transform?, nice.
wjt, Dec 05 2016

       How about Standing Wave Bead Chainmail? It's the obvious derivative....confuse the enemy and all that kind of stuff....
not_morrison_rm, Dec 05 2016

       Maybe if the drive motors are fast enough and a couple of other involved physical actions (8th's razor lights), You'll get a knight with butterfly wings. ( back to 2fries' noodles)
wjt, Dec 06 2016

       I think this idea needs strobe lights too
hippo, Dec 06 2016

       /strobe lights /   

       Nothing says festive like a heap of your neighbors seizing in among the Nativity figures.
bungston, Dec 06 2016


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