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Starburst Ching

Mini packs of starburst determine your fate.
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I like the I ching. The book of changes, it uses the forces of the universe, manifest in the arrangement of thrown coins, to reveal patterns in your life. Or something like that. Basically you throw three coins, three times, and the result is 64 different interpretations of whatever question you were meditating on when you threw the coins. Ok, but it's complicated, requires a reference to use, and is not really popular anymore. Throwing coins to decide your fate has been cliched in modern times.

I recently got a bunch of starburst mini packs for halloween. These are little packs that have two of the candies in them. They are probably the best little candy snack ever, but I don't want to undermine your opinions so I will just sort of ignore the greatness of these candies, for now.

Each pack has a combination of colors: yellow, orange. yellow, red. yellow, pink. oarnge, red. oarnge, pink. red, pink. And of course: red, red. pink, pink. yellow, yellow. and oarnge, oarnge. This leads to 10 possible outcomes. You do not know the color combination until you open the pack (Key).

The idea is to form an interpretation of these 10 outcomes so that people can use the mini packs as a sort of I ching.

yellow, yellow: you are weak and will not carry out your plans.
yellow, pink: you are weak right now, but it is because you are new to your challenges and will grow with time.
yellow, oarnge: you will succeed with a mysterious brilliance that few will be able to understand.
yellow, red: you will have an affair.

etc, etc.

daseva, Nov 05 2008

You will marry into money, and then spend it all on throw pillows and methamphetamines! http://shonari.file...07/08/starburst.jpg
A starburst mini pack. [daseva, Nov 05 2008]

An electronic version http://www.thateden.co.uk/dirk/
But less tasty [MadnessInMyMethod, Nov 05 2008]


       red, yellow: some pastry will shortly come into your life.
dbmag9, Nov 05 2008

       + OK, edible I Ching...I can do that.
xandram, Nov 05 2008

       Interesting, [dbmag]. If you differentiate the order of the colors, perhaps by opening always from one end of the pack, you'll add six more outcomes, leading to 16 outcomes. Which may or may not be a better number of outcomes.
daseva, Nov 05 2008

       A suffusion of lemon?
MadnessInMyMethod, Nov 05 2008

       Would this not be better called: "Bling Ching"?
xenzag, Nov 06 2008

       Red, black: these are not Starburst.
wagster, Nov 06 2008

       "Would this not be better called: "Bling Ching"?"   

pjd, Nov 06 2008

       //it uses the forces of the universe, manifest in the arrangement of thrown coins, to reveal patterns in your life//

Riiiiiight. Nurse!
DrBob, Nov 06 2008


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