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Starling Engine Idea

engine powered by birds with small brains, but powerful wings
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The starlings line up and enter the piston cylinder, one at a time, attracted by their favourite bird food. They flap around a bit trying to get out, causing the cylinder to rise, before exiting rapidly after the rising piston causes them to pass a gap where a grinning cat leers in at them. As the cycle continues, fresh food is deposited, and the cylinder admits a new starling.

No animal is injured powering the Starling Engine. Sorry couldn't resist. (an allegorical agreement with The Sterling Ideas Engine)

I'll make a diagram some time if I can be bothered.

xenzag, Jun 29 2006


       Er.., eider know webber dis one will fly [xenzag].
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 29 2006

       Why not just use horses?
gootyam, Jun 29 2006

       They wouldn't be as scared of the cat.
cpmcc, Jun 29 2006

       That is true. Then the use of a leer jet may be in order.
gootyam, Jun 29 2006

       /leer jet/   

       Is that a device that uses a puff of air to raise skirts for purient purposes?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 29 2006

       Mr. Lear named his daughter Shanda Lear. I thought that was pretty cool.   


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