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Stasis Wordprocessor

For when yo'u've got an essay/report to hand in tomorrow morning
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Simple enough really. A word processor that warps time arounf its user. Thus what might seem to you like an hour of typing, only five minutes have passed in the outside world. I anticipate such a product would sell very well with the sort of student who stays up till 2am the night before an essay has to be handed in to write it.
imagooAJ, Dec 08 2000


       The only problem with that is after 4 hours of typeing, 20 min in the real world, you are bound to be tired and not feel like doing anything for the rest of the day.
barnzenen, Dec 08 2000

       That would have to be a very dense word processor with a strong gravitational field, then? If trends of both code bloat and miniturization continue, we might well be on our way.
jutta, Dec 08 2000

       Professional writers would like this too. :)
arghblah, Dec 27 2000

       Peter: then you would have to use a time accelerator to reverse the effect of premature aging -- then you could live in the future sooner then the rest of the world!
tentacle, Jan 06 2001


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