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Stay-on-your-Foot Pump

An actual, plausible [theleopard] innovation. No bees.
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When pumping up inflatables, like beds or GT Sports Car Ball Pits, the foot pump slides all over the place. Put a clamp on it. Now it stays on your foot. With a really long cord you could walk to the kitchen to fetch another bottle of wine as you inflate the bed for your girlfriend's cousin.

That's what I wanted anyway.

theleopard, Jun 06 2008

Look out bellow http://www.patentst...6519873/claims.html
And last night I saw a thirties era clip with said devices, as part of an advert. Will try and find that... [4whom, Jun 10 2008]

foot bellows http://www.patentst...6519873/claims.html
it is baked [xenzag, Jun 10 2008]

Foot bellows Chair http://blog.makezin...u_go_air_chair.html
takes a while to load but worth the wait [xenzag, Jun 10 2008]


       You mean, a foot pump attached to your foot? Instead of to the thing you are pumping up?
neelandan, Jun 06 2008

       No, it's even more boring than that. It's a foot pump with straps on it so that it doesn't slip around when you're pumping.   

       I actually want to kill myself for writing this.   

       I'm going to give it a [-] for being so horribly drab and instigating thoughts of suicide, and go back to putting bees in things.
theleopard, Jun 06 2008

       Maybe it could pump bees into the bed for a magic fingers mod on air mattresses?
MisterQED, Jun 06 2008

       Maybe a pneumatic banjo that strums whilst pumping to sooth the nerves?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 06 2008

       Indeed. I'm surprised no one's brought up the banjo appendage on the Anthropophone.   

       It's a strange website when having a practical idea makes you want to shoot yourself.
theleopard, Jun 06 2008

       You don't have to shoot yourself. You really don't. If you look outside, you'll see a queue of patient HalfBakers, all with loaded firearms. Many are carrying empty beehives, others are applying sting remedies, and all of them are in a bad mood.   

       By the way, this is a good idea, but why not make "foot pump slippers" or similar ? As you walk around, you pressurise an air tank on your back.
8th of 7, Jun 06 2008

       //It's a strange website when having a practical idea makes you want to shoot yourself.//   

       Not only that, but I'd bet my Great Aunt Adenine's AK47 that this is baked.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 06 2008

       Why have a pump, eighth, when a source of compressed gases is nearer? (to the backpack)
neelandan, Jun 08 2008

       I'm going to delete this, but would like to win that AK47. If you can find one [Maxwell], I'll eat my edible hat.
theleopard, Jun 10 2008

       My eyes, my eyes! What ever you do, don't look at the google results for "strap-on+pump".
4whom, Jun 10 2008

       You got a bottle of wine for your girlfriend's cousin???   

       Good trade.   

       Meh, I like [4whom]'s link better.
theleopard, Jun 10 2008

       And there I was, all worried if it was big enough or clever enough...
4whom, Jun 10 2008


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