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Stealth Branding Iron

Get'em from a distance.
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The uses of such a device are numerous. For example, farmers and ranchers could mark livestock from a distance, and avoid arousing enmity from the cattle. My favorite idea is to trakc down people who leave chewing gum on tray, spill full beverages on the floor, drop loaded potato skins on carpets, etc. etc. in food courts and other public areas, and burn "I am too lazy to wipe properly" or some other ode to their indolence into their foreheads. And yes, it has been a particularly bad day at the office.
nick_n_uit, Apr 24 2001


       Actually, a thought occurred to me while reading your posting. Could one of those stunners (personal protective device) be modified to burn a signature onto the afflicted's flesh? That would make stunners easily programmable and attractive to said cattlemen, pump-boy fraternities, and other body artists. In re: bad day. Ditto, don't ask me about my variances.
reensure, Apr 24 2001

       I'm curious about the mechanism. Shoot a hot iron from something like a speargun? Lasers? UV to create a disfiguring sunburn effect? Napalm?   

       There's a short video clip available on the Net which shows a guy applying a branding iron to a horse, and the horse kicks him right in the diaphram--lifts him off the ground and throws him out of the picture. I have always wondered if the guy survived.   

       Sorry about the rotten day. Brand 'em all.
Dog Ed, Apr 24 2001

       You could build a C02 laser (quite expensive, but will burn wood from distances of 1000+ feet) and use it to brand slobs and their property.
barrengod, Aug 02 2002

       The CO2 laser could do an awful lot more than just brand someone... I've seen handheld pulse lasers that can be used to blow holes in sheetmetal and others that can be used to spot-weld.   

       Probably a better solution in the long run; lasers don't leave ballistic evidence (but laser burns will probably be fairly distinctive... though it <u>is</u> the 21st century :) ) ad removes the threat of lawsuits from those seeking cosmetic surgery.
Chrontius, Nov 01 2004


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