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Steamy Honey Melter

Team Steam!
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During the winter, it is very pleasant to drink a cup of hot tea sweetened with honey.

Since honey crystallizes with cold temperatures and age, one is often forced to process the honey in some way before adding it to the tea - pry off a sticky lid and gouge with it out with a spoon, microwave the jar or dunk it in a hot water bath, etc.

It would be much nicer to simply place a light, well balanced scaffold of sorts atop your kettle, and the honey bear or jar into the scaffold's basket. The basket would be located above the kettle's steam vent. As the water boils, the steam should melt a sufficient amount of honey to sweeten a cup of tea.

ryokan, Dec 30 2008


       you can try keeping the jar of honey on your stovetop. it seems that the pilot light generates enough heat to keep it soft (on a gas stove) or use of the oven will do it.
I do like your idea, though.+
xandram, Dec 30 2008

       I usually find that if there's steam coming out the water is already too hot. Am I doing something wrong?
Spacecoyote, Dec 30 2008

       Make fucking honey cubes, you know...like sugar cubes.   

       Do like sugar? One lump or two? ~ appologies to def leppard.
4whom, Dec 30 2008

       mmm....honey cubes....
Noexit, Dec 31 2008

       Sorry about the foul language, it was rather gratuitous.   

       Maybe the Honey cubes should be hexagonal prisms?
4whom, Jan 01 2009

       honey is all very lovely and has medicinal qualities etc but it IS bee spit after all.
po, Jan 01 2009

       //fucking honey cubes//   

       Honey cubes that reproduce!!?? Impressive.   


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