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Microwave warmer

For those with a microwave only
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Couldn't find this being baked - and I don't mean wrapping stale bread in a damp cloth and miking it briefly to refresh it.

I mean a design that let's you mike something, and then put it in or on some designed-in part of the unit to stay hot while you mix and mike other parts of the meal.

I got the idea from our microwave having its cooling vents on top so we get a mild warming by putting a dish over some of them.

A clever design might be able to use this air only, suitably redirected over a small-wattage booster coil.

[Click rayfo for a message.]

rayfo, Aug 29 2001


       later : I now see the outside top of the oven being a hot-plate with a low railing and a separate booster switch.
rayfo, Aug 29 2001

       Hi, [rayfo], how're you doing? We were worried.
Good idea.
angel, Aug 30 2001


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